Monday, August 31, 2009

New Etsy Listings!

My latest Encrusted Beaded Cuff Bracelets have been added to my Etsy Shop! Above you see the Cuff that I am calling "Tropical Turquoise". You can read all the details about this piece HERE.
Here are several more detail shots of this piece.

Now may I present Pink Pazzaz!

This cuff is encrusted with many layers of work. I have added beaded fringe elements that move and add great depth. This cuff has already been a source of great interest and has brought on many spontaneous conversations in the checkout line at the grocery store!!
You can see all of the details posted HERE.

Here are several more detail shots!

I would relly appreciate it if some of you wonderful readers could swing by my Etsy Shop and let me know what you think of my listings. It would be so very helpful!
Thanks you all so very much for all of the thoughtful and supportive comments that you continue to leave for me, here at my blog!! You all really make my life so full and rich!!


Dotti said...

Love your Etsy Shop! You've done a great job of presenting the different items. Love the COLOR too!

Vicki W said...


Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, you know I adore these cuffs......amazing!!!!!!!!
I hope that they sell to some deserving person on your etsy! There is a lot of LOVE in those cuffs!!!!!!!!

Judy said...

Both cuffs are drop dead gorgeous!! I've visited your Etsy shop and it looks great. I fully expected that your cuffs would already have been scoffed up! It won't be long!!!!
Welcome home....I really, really missed you!


wandar-wanda said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Your art works are very pretty-as always, I greet you as a friend and invite you to a group of friends,

hugz, Wanda


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