Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Finished Journals

Here are two of the finsihed Journals that I spoke of in the previous post. ( Despite several attempts and opening and editing these photos in some editing programs, Blogger is insiting on posting the pictures every which way!! SIGH!! )

Each journal is approximately 5 x7 inches in size. each has two signatures of six pages each which are sewn into fabric bindings. The exterior binding of each is a bit of the hand dyed silk that I created in my dyeing workshop. I delivered these journals along with a large flock of large and small Muse Birds to the Liberty Ton in Fredericksburg, yesterday and folks were quite pleased. We will see how customers respond! So here are the pictures.

Inside cover.

inside pages

Back cover.

Spine detail with embellishments. The purple bit its a piece of quahog shell that I found on the beach this summer. Critters had cooperated and added some holes for me to use!

Front cover of second journal, again with silk binding and spine embellishment.and button and tie closure.
Spine close-up.

Inside pages.

Pocket added to inside back cover.

I apologize for the wonkey publishing of these photos!! It is really quite frustrating. I will have several more quick posts to add today . Then I will be away from my computer for about a week!


Martha Lever said...

These journals are wonderful!! And I love the collaged papers in the previous post. Now you have some great papers to work with.

Beena said...

Beautiful journals!

yvonne said...

Love these colorful journals.

Robin said...

Ooooooooh... these are gorgeous. Do you have any idea of the retail price? You'll have to let us know. I should think they'll be sold in 2 minutes. Beautiful craftsmanship, beautiful colors, beautiful art!

Judy said...

your journals are lovely....and don't I know how frustrating it is when Blogger won't cooperate!

Hope you've had a great family week away. I've missed you soooo much!



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