Monday, September 21, 2009

Perfect Weather For Sunprints!!

Crisp and sunny fall days are perfect for sunprints and Saturday was THE day. I was up and out gathering my weeds , seed pods and ferns quite early. I carefully laid them in a pile in the shade of a tree, near the sunny portion of the yard.
The boys were up and out early as well' as they wanted to get the lawn done quickly. A warning was given about my pile of gatherings and the mowers started to rumble. I came out with my fabric to find the pile mulched and the warnings forgotten- at least the lawn got mowed!!! SIGH!!!

So I gathered again!! As the most successful foliage to use is either in my garden or growing by the roadside, I had no trouble finding more supplies!!!!

Here is the linen( pieces of a large rustic tablecloth- a yard sale find) laid out in the sun with the dye and the foliage bits, drying.

On the cobalt blue piece I used everything from weeds to Hosta Seed Pods to ferns to dill seed heads!

For this oragne piece I used Creeping jenny Groundcover and tiny maple seedling leaves. With such low humidity, everything was dry in about an hour!!
Here are the results!!

Here you can see the hosta seed pod stalk and an umbrell seed head from my Dill Seed crop (near the top). I love the airy versus crisp outlines of the various folliage elements. Or as Ariel Freeman, my watercolor instuctor would say, "All of the wonderful mix of hard and soft edges!"

Here are the sunprints paired with some of the same pieces of table cloth that were dyed in my recent dying workshop at Artistic Artifacts. The blue sunprint will become the back of a shirt, with the orange as a sleeve, and the other colors will be used to fill in the remaining components to create a very colorful linen shirt!!! Can't wait to get started!!! Must be sure to heat set the sunprints before I do anything else!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wonderful!! I must do this sometime. I just love it. I hope we'll see the finished garment, too.

This was also a good weekend to reseed the yard after it was dug up to replace sewer pipes, too. In case you were wondering......

yvonne said...

You have inspired me to get out again and do some more sunprinting. These are very bright and beautiful.

Beena said...

Sounds like it will be a gorgeous shirt! please post pics when you have made it! The sun prints you have made and will be using are fabulous.

Dotti said...

These turned out really nice Elizabeth. I don't often get to do botonical sunprints. Here in Nevada we have a 4-letter word: WIND!

Martha Lever said...

Wow--great sun prints. I have some of the dyes to do this ---I wonder if it will work on paper? I think I might try it.

Julie said...

Beautiful sunprints Elizabeth. I was trying some here in England last week with some success but I had to wait much longer for them to dry. It's great fun though!

Lisa said...

love how you've used the plants and pods for the prints.. lovely and looks like lots of fun in the sun!! thanx for your sweet comments on my blog!

Vicki W said...


Carol Sloan said...

I love your fabrics! Awesome idea...and as soon as the rain stops here, I might do that too. Thanks for the inspiration Elizabeth!

Patti G. said...

These came out jjjjjjjjjjust beautifully Elizabeth!!!!! Great job!
Sending hugs for your Tuesday!

Judy said...

while you were having all of that fun on Saturday, just 8 hrs south of you, we were beginning to have that horrid onslaught of rain. I can't even imagine it having been sunny and dry anywhere in the universe that day! I love your results and cannot wait to see your shirt!



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