Sunday, November 29, 2009

And the Mice Rescued My Day!!!

Saturday was the deadline. This was the status of ONE of my work tables after a very late night on Friday. Here I was at the worst part of the job- the labeling, tagging and pricing. How is it that I always forget how very long this part of the process drags on..and on...and ON!!!! I hate this part, I need elves!!!

By 2:30, I was on my way to Liberty Town in fredericksburg for the drop off. I still had to enter all of my wares into the log in book and assign matching numbers to each piece. The bottom line- I was not yet done!
Here are some shots of some of the items that I took for sale.

I recently came up with the idea to use scraps of my fabric paper to create some simple bird pins. They are very light weight and are sealed with many coats of laquer. I hope that people like them. I think that they would make a perfect little gift or even a stocking stuffer.

I modified my basic purse design to include a hand stitched fabric gusset. This makes the purse more usable and versatile. We will see what shoppers think!

I also made three more Pincushions which I am now calling Jewelry Tuffets. They make great pin cushions of course, but they are also wonderful for holding pierced earrings and pins, on ones bureau. I have a large one that holds many of my earrings.

By 4:30 pm I was finally doen and on my way home, heading north on Caroline Street through Old Towne Fredericksburg. When what to my wondering eyes should appear... but the return of the Whittingham MICE!!!!!! Now what, you might ask are the Whittingham Mice and WHY were you so excited??? I will tell you, of course.

Whittingham's is a wonderful Kitchen shoppe/Decor store in Old Towne. Last Christams they had a wonderful window display that was filled with hand felted mice involved in all sorts of kitchen antics. I did not hear about the windows till close to the New Year, so by the time I went down to check them out, the windows had been changed. I have been hoping that the mice would make a command performance and there they were!!

As I drove by, I looked quickly at the window and caught a glimpse of a Christmas scene surrounded by lots of people standing and looking. The MICE HAD RETURNED!!!!!And yes! There ahead of me on the correct side of the road (one way street) there was a parking place with MY name on it!! I dove into the space, grabbed my camera , purse and car keys and I was off to see the Whittingham Mice for my self , for the first time. Needless to say, I took many pictures. I even got down on my knees on the cold brick sidewalk to take shots and then wondered how silly I would look trying to get up off of my knees in the cold!

Well, I did manage to get up without causing too much of a scene and I did get some great pictures. If you live anywhere near Fredericksburg you really must come down to Caroline strret to Whittinghmas to see these marvelous windows. A local artist (I will investigate their name and update here soon) hand felted each wonderful little mouse.

Hence the title for this post! The mice really did top off a long and somewhat tiresome day with a wonderful jolt of Christmas cheer and joy!! One can find wonderful surprises everywhere if you are just willing to slow down and look!!!
Enough chatter! Enjoy the wonderful Whittingham Mice!

Aren't these mice wonderful!!??!

Sorry about the glare on some of these shots!! Plate glass windows and flash attachments often don't play well together!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful and fulfilling week!!


Sharon said...

Elizabeth!!!!! The mice are so terrific. Thanks for taking such great pictures. How much fun! I love all that you have done, purse, pins, tuffets,.... You have been a busy girl. I just know you will sell all! Sharon

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Elizabeth! You are the winner of my blog giveaway! Please contact me through my blog (there is an "email me" section in my profile and I'll send out your brooch right away!

I love your little mice... they are just the cutest! Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

All my best,

Dotti said...

Hope your sales were grrrreat! Your crafts look scrumptious and scream...take me home!

Liz said...

Those mice are adorable! Yes, please find out about the artist and share with us. What a fun way to salvage a weary day!

Michelle said...

omg - a mouse on a teacup eating a gumdrop? I love it! How adorable. Your things are beautiful and I hope you sell out! xo.

Deborah said...

Fun mice! I really like your creations, particulary the jewelry tuffets and bird pins.

Jacky said...

How wonderful are those mice (and how lucky to get your park!!).

Love your new birds pins...I think they will be great sellers for you!
So much art...

Jacky xox

Marilyn Rock said...

You do need elves Elizabeth! Beautiful things you create and make; WOW! Love the mice! Hope you enjoyed your holiday. xxoo Marilyn

Judy said...

Love all the mousie pictures! Cute!! Your works are wonderful and I know they will sell well. The gussett idea on your purses is great.
I know what you mean about the cataloging, pricing and tagging of items. That is the pits. I really only like the production end of it. Perhaps elves or business assistants would be a good idea!



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