Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fabulous Finds

Several days ago I joined some friends on a day of tresure hunting in Central VA. Janet and leslie have all kinds of experience in this region and a long list of favorite haunts. I was thrilled to be invited along for the outing and search. It wa beatiful and warm day that felt more like April than December!! We walked into one dimly lit place that was jammed with stuff and began poking around. I spoted this rsuty crusty tin and took a closer look. My heartrate went up I couldn't put things in my hands dwon fast enough. This is what I saw.

It took me about 3 minutes to get the tin open and this increased my anticipation for the contents as it told me that no one had attempted this chore in a long time!!!!!

Hidden treasure, for me anyway!!!!!

I love finding buttons on cards as some of the advertizing on the cards is wonderful. These cards are pretty plain but the buttons are wonderful!! The red ones are glass with old Rhinestones in them and theyw ere made in Western Germany, Too Cool!!!

Two days ago I was wandering in my favorite Antiques Mall in Fredericksburg, when I discovered a box full of 22 small old bottles. The price was .50 cents each. I bought the box full!! These will become wonderful snow people sculptures!!!
The very small old jars are Vaseline jars. The others held various medications and many have markings on the sides for fluid ounces. What a wonderful haul!!!

I ahve had to create more of my snow People Sculptures as the ones that I delivered to the Gallery At Liberty Town have sold out!! Here is a shot of my latest snow firends!!!

I love making these sculptures and my favorite part is figuring out what to create hats from. I usually use some combination of old buttons and vintage costume jewelry. Sometimes I am lucky to find a set of Vintage frosting tips used in cake decorating and the hats are pretty straight forward!!
I had a great mail day this week as well. I won my first Blog Giveaway! I entered a giveaway on the blog of the amazing Holly Stinnett. I was soooo excited> Holly is a wonderful artist and a very kind and generous person. Take a minute and stop by her blog and see what treasures she is creating today!
I thought that the giveaway was for one lovely Christmas brooch! Wrong! She sent me two delightful pieces in the mail and I HAve gotten complements from so many folks every time I wear them!!!

Aren't they simply wonderful??? I certainly plan to wear them often!!!!! Thank you again Holly!!


Deborah said...

The button tin and bottles are great finds! I am so happy for you. Oh how I miss living in VA. I love your snow people sculptures!

Julie said...

A woman after my own heart! :o) What fantastic finds, the rhinestone buttons are beautiful. Well done on all your snowpeople sales.

Belinda said...

I love junk shopping and we have some great resource shops in Tassie. Your little snow people are gorgeous and if only we could have snow like that and at Christmas wow what a wonderland. Belinda

Lisa said...

great finds at great $$ Elizabeth! btw...all of our altered books have made it to their respective first destinations safe and sound!

Trina said...

WOW! What an exciting treasure hunt and find ... can I come next time? ;)
Love the snowmen, of course ... I've been making a lot too ... mostly to sell, but sometimes I'll make one that is just too cute to let go.
Also love your holiday blog top photo! Happy, happy holiday creating, Elizabeth!

Marilyn Rock said...

Great found elements to create more of your beautiful art! xxoo

Beena said...

I love your snowman header at the top of your blog right now. should be on the cover of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors"!

Have fun with your new finds!

Holly Loves Art said...

Happy happy holidays to you! Score on the wonderful finds!!! Wow.... I wish I found goodies at great prices like that here in L.A.!

Your little snowmen are just adorable. The cutest I've ever seen!

Thanks so much for the shoutout too... very sweet of you! I'm happy you're enjoying the brooches.

Have a wonderful day!


Sharon said...

Your snowmen-women are darling. Lucky you on all your finds. It is snowing here tonight. We have not been above 28 degrees. Oh so cold. Sharon

Anonymous said...

Goodies! You found goodies! You must go through a lot of pearls to fill all of your snowmen bottles! Bt they're adorable and what a perfect find: more bottles! Great price too!

Alisa said...

Oh, your little snowmen are too stinkin' cute!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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