Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fabulous Ornament Swap!

Now I finally have a chance to share the results from a fabulous ornament swap that I participated in this year. The Crazy Quilted Hearts above were my contribution. I used lots of bits of recycled mens ties to creat the heart shaped fabric and then went at each one with embroidery thread silk ribbon and beads and charms. It was hard to decide when enough was enough. I was on a deadline so that basically helped to curtail my embellishing!!
I stitched each finished top to some stiff heavy interfacing and then backed the heart with a piece of silk brocade salvaged from a vintage dress. Each one was unique and that made it much easier for me to make multiples. I do not do exact copies well at all!!

This wonderful snow man was created by Laura . She stitched muslin to make the basic shape, stuffed him and painted him and sprinkled on glitter.Laura used a sewing machine bobbin for his jaunty hat, clever girl!!! He is a wonderful addition to my growing snow man collection!!!

Lyn created this wonderful decoupaged and stamped diamond ornament. She used lots of Stickles glitter glue to make it extra sparkly!!

Here is a close up of the Heart that I made for myself.

This wonderful piece was created by Heather. She used some wonderful metal pieces as the basis for this whimsical and unusual creation. I love this piece. It is very unusual!!!

This wonderful ornament is made entirely of paper save for a bit of glitter glue and a piece of a transparency. Heather created this wonderful ornament using her Cricut machine. It is so very delicate looking but is actually quite sturdy. The back is almost as wonderful as the front!

Here is the back. See what I mean!! I love this sort of attention to detail!!

This wonderful stitched a stamped ornament was made by Tina. She packaged it in the wonderful pink green and white apinted waxed paper that you see here stamped with the word Joy. It was so simple and so elegant!! I plan to keep the wrapping as well!!

This fun piece was created by Marilyn. She used a vintage optometrist's lens to frame her piece with the handle piece serving as the hanging loop. So very clever and sweet!!!

Where ever possible I have provided links to these wonderful artists blogs or web pages, if they have them. It would definately be worth your while to run on by their sites for a little visit!!

All of these delightful ornaments will claim a very special spot on my Art Tree. I think that I might have to look for an additional tree to be able to display my ever growing collection of beatiful treasures!!


Lisa said...

Your crazy quilting and handstitching is exquisite Elizabeth!

Anna said...

I have one of your hearts on my tree this year. :)

Marilyn Rock said...

This was a wonderful exchange Elizabeth! Thanks SO much for sharing all with us. Let's do it again next year! :) All the ornaments look wonderful on my art tree! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Everything's so beautiful and precious!

Debrina said...

Hi ya Elizabeth! Well, it's a small world, isn't it! Had no idea that you knew Lisa J...but, there she is, one of your 1st comments is by her! Lol! One of my new year's resolutions is to get into more swaps and chalenges, so it's good to see that your ornament swapping paid off so marvellously. What rich decorations they are!! It must be so nice to be able to hang them on your Xmas tree and remember the people who made them!

Deborah said...

They are all so beautiful that I imagine it will be hard to put them away until next year.


Each and every one of the ornaments is ADORABLE. I would be pleased to have any of these hanging on my tree!

... and I ADORE the snowmen in your header ...

Sending you blessings and good wishes for a wonderful 2010
Love, Carolyn x

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Great ornaments- you are all overachievers, obviously! Love the hearts you made.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Thanks for sharing all of these beauties!!! What a wonderful swap!!

Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

What a great swap! I just got my latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, and in it there's a call for entries for a sister publication. They want pieced quilted hearts. Yours should definitely be in there!


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