Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tough Day to be a Bird, or a Small Dog For That Matter!!!

Yesterday we awoke to about 12 inches of snow, with still more to come. The snow fell throughout the day and provided lots of opportunities for some fun for all. Tom took the Jeep 4 wheel drive out for a drive and found not a plow in site but lots of people trying to navigate through the snow ,who had no business being out!!!
The rest of us stayed at home and hunkered down for the duration!!! Here are some of my photos from the day. I will have more later of the aftermath and the sunshining on the final snowfall!!

Pepper thoroughly enjoyed a good rousing romp with Becca, at this point it was snowing heavily and the temp was 26 degrees!!!

Now poor Buddy on the other hand, was NOT amused!! Especailly when a certain 17 year old tossed him ont an unshoveled portion of the deck and he was almost submerged in the snow!!!! What is a little guy to do!!! Needless to say Matthew is on the top of the Least Favored list at the moment!!!!
I hope that everyone is safe and warm!!!
Holiday Hugs!


Createology said...

Very sweet photos in all that snow. Stay safe and warm. I love your tree cards sneak peek. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas.

Lisa said...

Quite the snow wasn't it? We've just finished shoveling ourselves out and several elderly neighbors too. I hear we have more on the way later this week! It's so festive!

Marilyn Rock said...

Ya know; snow can be a hardship for so many but it does offer its own beauty. We missed the storm but know we'll get ours for sure! Great photos Elizabeth! Glad you and yours are safe and warm. xxoo

Julie said...

Your 12" of snow makes our 1" look very insignificant ;o) I love to look at a good snwofall but in the UK it always creates havoc! Keep warm and safe and have a very Happy Christmas.

Deborah said...

Great photos! I don't think I've ever seen so much snow on birds.

Beena said...

You poor thing! You really got slammed by all that snow! Stay inside with a cozy quilt, or turn the oven on and warm up to some Christmas cookies!

At least you will enjoy a white Christmas! The overdone Christmas light displays here in Florida look so ridiculous without any snow! Enjoy the beauty of a winter wonderland, and Merry Christmas, Elizabeth!

Judy said...

love your pics....I will have to enjoy the snow while looking at other folks' blogs! It was 26 here this AM when we walked on the golf course, but of course it will warm up when we get yet more precip tomorrow and Thursday.

Your bird pics are so great!

Merry Christmas Dear Heart!


martha brown said...

Well, it looks like you really will have a white Christmas. No snow here yet -- and they say it will rain on Christmas. And everyone thinks that I live in the snowy white north....... Don't shovel too much! hunker down and enjoy!

peggy gatto said...

I thank you for posting those beautiful pictures!!!
I am sending you a bunch of polar fleece hugs!!!

jewelrygirl said...

Merry Christmas Elizabeth. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Debrina said...

Hi Elizabeth - it's been a blinkin age since I came and saw you, sorry!! That snow looks like fun; we don't get it here where I live in NZ. If it did snow at xmas, we'd be in serious trouble, as it's summer for us during xmas!!
Well, I'm here to wish you a very happy xmas full of many more beautiful bird photo opportunities! Have a fantastic New Year too - I hope 2010 is just magnificent for you!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Great photos, E!


Merry Christmas Elizabeth

Sending you lots of love
Carolyn xx


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