Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby- It's COLD Outside !!!

Fortunately it is nt quite this cold out today!!! We may actually get some melting done!!! I have been watching the doves as they ahve been roosting in the branches of our tree above the feeders. I am so intrigued by the soft colors and irridescense of their grey feathers. When they puff up their feathers to warm up they look so round and grumpy!!! this bird must have sat on the smae branch for hours and I took lots of shots. It is a wonder that their little claws don't snap off!!
So as the puffed up doves sat outside I was at work in the studio playing and painting and creating components for book work and stitchery collage. Here are some pictures of what I was up to.

This piece of purple cotton was a do over from a session of gelatin mono-printing. It just was not up to standard so I went at it with a wonderful stencil and more acrylic paint. this will make wonderful additions to my fabric collage work!!

This is the start of my Bead Journal Project for February. I started by cutting a pattern of my own design from Freezer paper which I then ironed to the surface odf a piece of white cotton. I amde sure that it was well stuck to the fabric and then painted over the paper mask with my acrylic paints. Once the paint was totally dry, I peeled off the mask and this was the result. Now I will go in and do beadwork and add a favorite quote. Check back later towards the end of the month, to see how this project turns out.

After all of my paint play, I noticed that the freezer paper surface protector was even more fun than the fabric pieces. i took a bunch of pictures and I think that I am going to print them out and use them as book pages for some journals!


Anonymous said...

You are very industrious, Elizabeth!
And the doves are a hoot! We have a flock of about 30 that seem to enjoy sitting on our back porch steps! LOL!



That looks like a lot of fun!
Love the puffy dove!

Happy weekend
Carolyn ♥

Judy said...

That pic of the dove is fantastic Elizabeth! WOW!!!! He/she looks like such an old fuddy dud....or just perturbed with the horrible wintry weather you all have been having!

Love your freezer paper motif! I looked at all of the layers of dye and paint on my print table cloth yesterday and thought it might make something nice, but haven't decided just what yet!


Trina said...

very cool, Elizabeth. BTW, what did you use to write the text "Scatter Joy"?

Debrina said...

Hi Elizabeth! You are certainly not afraid of colour! Beautiful stencilled pieces there. My favourite is the purple fabric - such rich, gorgeous colour! In comparison, the muted tones of your winter - which sounds frightfully cold this year - has its own subtle beauty too. That dove does look nice and warm but I can appreciate just how cold it is just by judging how puffed up he is! Lol!

Beena said...

I love the purple piece and the last piece pictured the best, Elizabeth. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see how you use these!

KarenKayArtWorks said...

Great shot of the dove. I know just how he feels- I am freezing too!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love the photo of the dove!Love your stenciled pieces, too. xxoo


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