Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seed Sower- A Wonderful New Family Member

I am so very pleased to introduce you to the latest addition to my growing little art collection. Her name is Seed Sower. (Relax, she is not a new dog or, god forbid, a Bundle of Joy!!!!) She is one of the latest creations of my good friend, art gal pal extordinaire, Leslie Brier, of Brier Design. You must hop over to Leslie's wonderful blog and see all of her glorious creations here!!!
(If you scroll down thru her blog a bit , you will find pictures of her amazing dolls and inventive constructions- well worth the trip, believe me!!!!)

As soon as I saw the seed bag ground (the inspiration for this piece) the wonderful colors, the adorable sweet little Penny Doll, the wonderful vintage quilted background all watched over by the precious Red Bakelite Bird buttons, I knew that I would somehow, someway arrange to own this piece!! Of course the fact that it was the creation of my wonderful friend Leslie, was simply frosting on the cupcake!!!

Leslie based this piece on this wonderful seed bag that she found along with an amazing hand held Vintage Spinning Seed Spreader on one of her frequent junking adventures. ( The spreader itself became a vehicle for one of her fabulous doll assemblages that you can see here!)

Leslie has brilliantly showcased and at the same time framed her mixed media piece in a silver plated baking dish holder!!!

I just love it all!!!
Can you tell??????
When you visit Leslie's blog be sure to leave her a comment! Like all of us, she loves hearing from you!!!!


Trina said...

This is so charming! What a clever use of the seed bag! I've got a number of printed cloth bags from banks ... hmmm ... possibilities.

jewelrygirl said...

That is very cute! I love the button flowers.

Sharon said...

Wow that is so special. I love it too! I will visit her blog. But I must tell you I get in so much trouble visiting your blog. I end up going back and back in your posts. Today I was into your fabric paper. I must try this.Oh dear here I go again. Maybe it is a good thing we live so far apart. I would be camped out onyour doorstep all the time. Love what you do!!!!! Sharon

Sharon said...

PSSSS I love your header. MMMM the colors! I am leaving now...LOL

Judy said...

I'm so glad you showed the sideways view of your Seed incredibly inventive and sweet!


Terri Smith said...

I am loving this creation! Hi Elizabeth. I'm Terri Smith. This is my first visit to your site. Just had to leave a comment about your clever design. Tremendously unique and fresh.

If you're ever in my neighborhood, pop over for a visit. You can find me at:

Blessings, Joy and Monday Sunshine, Terri

Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

I'm so happy that Seed Sower has a new home where she is loved. Thanks so much for doing the post!


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