Thursday, April 29, 2010

Collaborative Jewlery For the Patron's Show

Sea Foam Jewels (working title) will be the Expressions of Elizabeth/Brier Design contribution tot he upcoming Patron's Show at Liberty Town Art Galleries coming up on May 6. MAny of Fredericksburg's wonderful artists have donated works to this show which will be the major fundraiser for the year. Any interested customer is invited to attend, purchase a ticket and after the month of May, leave Liberty Town with an incredible piece of artwork. There will be tickets for sale beginning on May 6 and there will only be as many tickets as there are pieces of Art. After all tickets are sold, the names of the ticket holders will be drawn from a hat and then that ticket holder will have their choice of artworks. If last year's event is any indicator, the evening will be an amazing and exciting show for all!!
Leslie Brier and I collaborated to create this wonderful jewelry ensemble. I created the free form beadwork bracelet, below.

Leslie Brier of Brier Design created the Vintage Silver salt shaker pendant necklace, featuring a Green Girl sterling silver mermaid charm,

and the silver shell earrings.

We feel that this set will offer all sorts of verstility for the patron. It can be worn as a complete set, as individual elements or it could be split up and components given as gifts.

To see more pictures of my bracelet with a list of components, visit this post.
Leslie and I are quite excited to be participating in this event to support the vibrant arts community at Liberty Town ! We would really love to have you stop by on Friday evening, May 6 to see what all of the excitment is about. You will see all of the amazing art that will be available for all to see and purchase for the price of a Magic Ticket!!!!! (Admit it , there is a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dreamer in all of us!!!! <>


Anna said...

I love your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reference!!!

Sharon said...

IN one word Elizabeth....


Plays with Needles said...

Wish I lived nearby -- your necklace/earring combo is da bomb!

Deborah said...

Beautiful pieces! I wish I lived nearby, too!


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