Monday, May 17, 2010

I was an Art in the Park Groupie!!!

We were blessed with wonderful weather this past weekend, here in Virginia. It was perfect for the Annual Art in the Park event at Hurkamp Park in Fredericksburg. This lovely little park is conveniently located just down the block from Liberty Town and many of my art friends were setting up booths for the show. I was determined to go to the show this year,as I had not been before and I made sure that I let my pals know that I was available to lend a hand. It was such fun!!!

This wonderful collage assemblage piece is by my wonderfull friend Leslie Brier of Brier Design. I really love this piece - it just makes me laugh!!!

Leslie had a lovely spot in the park and her booth got lots of good attention!!

This was Anna Branner's first Fair experience and she did very well!! She got a ribbon for best forward thinking use of her media- clay. It was such fun to see people drawn to her wonderful slip ware pieces!!!!

Sensational fiber artist and wonderful new friendLori McCown had a marvelous array of her beautiful art quilts and knit ware scarves and wraps. Lori's art wowed many viewers, and also did very well. I was in her booth chatting ,when a lovely man came into her space and stode gazing at several of her stunning pieces. He turned to Lori and said "I am absolutely Smitten!" What wonderful words for any artist to hear. With Lori's wonderful works of color and texture, it is also extrememly appropriate!!!

Here you see a massive pile of Lori's wonderful knit pieces!! Remember that you can click on any of the shots for a close up view!!

Beth Sperlazza is a wonderful potter and teacher who also is based out of Liberty Town. She teaches all of the kid's pottery classes and does a fabulous job!! I fell in love with this wonderful little bowl and had to have it. Beth has a fabulous line of functional stoneware and does amazing finish work and glaze work on all of her pieces. She is definately a potter to keep a close eye on!!!

I met a wonderful lady who grew up in Costa Rica and now calls Lake Anna, VA her home. Her name is LaLa and she creates LaLa's Leaves. She creates glorious cement leaves using real leaves as her moulds. She paints them beautifully in raku like colors and has made wonderful stands so they can be used as platters, bowls, soap dishes, birdbathes and wonderful down spout water diverters. She is such a lovely gal and I really enjoyed talking with her. I had to take a photo of her sign as we share more than a love of plants and art. We are both LaLa's!!! She earned her name from a neighbor child who could not pronounce Ola, the name that she had been given by her grandchildren. She soon became LaLa to everyone. When I was small my baby brothe Peter, could not say Elizabeth, so I became LaLa. Since then, many children who I have known since they were infants, have called me LaLa and I love it!!!

Here is one of LaLa 's wonderful leaves holding some stunning Peonies.

I had a wonderful time at the Show, carrying and setting up, moving vehicles, and fetching forgotten items from Liberty Town Studios. I think that one of my top priorities for 2011 will bebuilding an inventory so I may participate as an artist at this wonderful show.
As my husband said, I had better start creating a production schedule NOW!!! He knows me so well!!!!

Just a little note from the garden, my Bearded Iris are almost done and my Siberian and Japanese Iris are coming on strong. It was a tough season for the Bearded Iris this year- too many swings from hot to cool. Every season brings new surprises!!!
This is the fourth season for my Gertrude Jeykly Rose and the third season in this sunny spot. I wisht ath you could enjoy the amazing fragrance with me, but at least you can see the glorious blooms!!! The bush is completely covered and is responding famously to the banana peels and coffee grounds that I feed it with!!

I hope that you are all enjoying the seasons gifts wherever you are!!!!

Have a very creative week!!


Martha Lever said...

That looked like a good time was had by all!!! Loved the pieces you featured and your flowers are gorgeous!!

Anna said...

Thanks again for all your help Elizabeth!!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

It looks like a wonderful day for the Art in the Park Fair. That little piece with the goddess tripping over the daisies describes what happened to me yesterday...I tripped in my garden and fell face down. Got a nice shiner to show for it! I tripped over a shovel, though. :)

Ro Bruhn said...

What a great fair, so much lovely work. I'd love to touch that pile of textiles, the colours are beautiful. Your flower pictures too are lovely, we are approaching winter so there aren't many flowers around.

Marilyn Rock said...

What a wonderful day and surrounded by such beautiful things! xxoo

Plays with Needles said...

Those roses are to dye for!!! And I love the leaves from LaLa...I'll have to try to get to the show in Silver Spring this Sunday! They look great under the downspouts! But the goddess tripping over the daisies is my favorite too. Thanks for the tour of the show and good luck getting ready for next year. You can do it!!!!

Trina said...

Hi Lala (how cute is that?!) Haven't "visited" in awhile ... you've been a busy girl! Are you getting ready for Art & Soul? When do you arrive? I'm looking forward to it ... keep your phone on and I'll call you when I get there!

Patti G. said...

WOW E, this is fantastic! What a day in the park! I love everything you shared! (You should be selling in the park!!!!!!!!Everyone would be smitten with your artwork as well!) My favorite are the concrete leaves! Just amazing!!!!!!

Your flowers are beautiful,a treasure! :0)

Lorie McCown said...

You better do it next year! It was so nice to see and chat w/you. That fella came back and bought 2 pieces! Yeah! xoxo Lorie

tongfengdemao said...

I absolutely adore Leslie's goddess!! I LOLed for a few minutes at least (although I didn't see it on first glance).

I'm trying to figure out where Hurkamp Park is. I used to live in Spotsy and thought I knew Fredericksburg, but my mind id blank. What street(s) is it on/off?

Sharon said...

I loved all that you showed but Lori's work was my favorite. She sure knows her colors. Beautiful work. You should have had a booth too. For sure!!!


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