Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend at a Glance

Scenes of Fredericksburg Union Cemetary Illumination Remembrance. It is always amazing what one can discover right in your own back yard. Vacation locally, it is a great way to grow your local economy!!!!

15,000 graves known and unknown from the Union Forces at the Battle of Fredericksburg. A truely amazing and breathtaking sight. All of the luminaries were created and lit by local Scout troops and the event was run by the National Park Service Rangers. A visit to this park is a MUST for anyone coming thru Fredericksburg!

Father and son walking back to the car along the Sunken Road that bisects the battlefield and played a major role in the siege of Fredericksburg.

The Seniors of Mountain View Orchestra. Matthew is the second from the left. Their last concert was Thursday evening and they recieved commemorative plaques from their Orchestra teacher. This was his first class to be with him from Freshman year to Senior year. The Concert was wonderful and featured music ranging from jimi Hendrix Purple Haze to the John Williams Trilogy to a Cello Quartet playing Apocalyptica!!!!

The last time that brother and sister will play together under the same director. Hopefully Matthew will continue to play an instrument!!! Playing the violin definately added a huge benefit to his High School career!

Wonderful garden visitors.



Foxgloves. The glories of the garden continue to fascinate!!

Now it is time to join Becca in the kitchen were we are going to create C-A-K-E, with chocolate and raspberry sauce! Couldn't ask for a nicer birthday!!
I hope that all of you have enjoyed your holiday weekend, where ever you have found yourselves!


Martha Lever said...

I so enjoyed seeing brother and sister together and I know that much pull at your heartstrings to have that be the last concert together. You pictures are wonderful and I loved seeing the grave with the lights from the scouts. Hooray for the Boy Scouts! Now that's a good deed!

Sharon said...

Great post Elizabeth. So much history. Wonderful dee by the scouts. YOUR CHILDREN ARE PRECIOUS. I hav not been able to take good photos of the garden. Too rainy. Love yours!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a full time you and your family are having! Graduations, gardens, commemorations and transitions. Amazing times, huh!?

Ro Bruhn said...

Did I read in there that it's you birthday, if so have a great one. What lovely children you have too and your flowers are gorgeous.

Marilyn Rock said...

Your daughter and son look great! Great post and the luminaries are quite dramatic. xxoo

Plays with Needles said...

Happy Birthday!!!! You sneaky girl you...

The kids are beautiful and I loved seeing the pic of Father and son and the luminaries. Your garden must be a sight for sore eyes! I spent the weekend moving mulch. I'm still not done but getting there. For the next two summers, we'll be at the beach so my garden will have to wait. SO glad I can enjoy yours!!!

Deborah said...

Wonderful pictures, particularly of your children!


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