Friday, June 4, 2010

After the Storm

Yesterday was one of those hot and humid days that Southern Virginia is well known for. Matthew and I spent most of the day in Chantilly Viginia setting up for a large quilt show. He was putting together steel pipe and drape dividers that are used for display of quilts (He was being paid!!) and I was helping Judy Gula set up her Vendor booth for Artistic Artifacts. By te tjnime that we headed sout just ahead of the rush hour wave of traffic the sky was darkening and we had a fabulous view of forked lightening in the near dsitance. As we got to the Back Roads part of our trip , the skies opened that the lightening flashed and we were forced to crawl along, or pull ove rhte wait it out. Not a fun ride home!! Eventually we got ahead of the storm and beat the worst of it back to Stafford and our very nervous and upset dogs and anxious Becca. We were safe and sound .
After about an hour of thunder and lightening and horrendous amounts of rain, the sun broke through and created a shimmering sparkling show in the garden. Out I went with camera in hand to catch the moment. You may click on any picture to enlarge, or , if you don't want to see yet more garden shots, you are free to stop reading now, I won't be too upset!!:(

Even tired roses look suprememly elegant bedecked in glittering drops!

My platter sized Hosta leaves are the pefect stage for glittering diamonds of raindrops!!

I love how my self seeded Dill has fluffed out behind this Pentstemon and is supporting three Swallowtail butterfly cysalis!!!

If you are experiencing summer storms I hope that they are not severe and offer some of the joys that I have found in this after the storm experience!!


La Dolce Vita said...

oh these are just spectacular Elizabeth! love all the droplets!! you will have to come to la dolce to see some photos of my garden too, though not as great as these!!

Plays with Needles said...

Your photography is beautiful and that pink rose is a showstopper!!!!

Peggy Beck said...

I love your photos of the flowers after the storm too. The air seams cleaner, smells fresh and as you say the drops reflect the beauty. Very nice.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hi sweets !!! your garden looks great mine wilted under the heat today it was in the 90's hot for santafe at this time of year .I have not had time to get out to that part of the new place yet . So the garden is on its own but does have lots pof flowing plants .Infact I have yet to hang pictures in the living room. I want to paint a wall yellow first and Cal is making a stereo cabinet!! he has been doing all sorts of unique things for storage and organizing spots. He made us a great cedar storage cabinet for the portal It is so much better looking then some rubermaid thingy!!PS Be good to that Back !!

barbara burkard said...

simply STUNNING photos!!! wow....they look so nourished after the droplets of overabundance...after a good meal!

could have almost swore i saw a faerie a couple of those pics!

hugz and love

Sharon said...

Fantastic photo's of your wonderful garden. I am still weeding between rain storms! Ha

Jackie said...

I can never have enough garden shots. You have some lovely things and the pictures are good. Thanks for being my agent at the quilt show!


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