Friday, June 11, 2010

Sea Glass Pendant Necklaces

I have just completed two Sea Glass Pendant Necklaces that are now available in my Etsy Shop. You can get any specific purchasing info for these pieces here. (For a LIMITED TIME these items will be availbale with No EXTRA SHipping Costs!!)
I gathereed both of these pieces of Sea Glass last summer from the rocky surf line of Nauset Beach on Cape Cod. It has only been in the last couple of years that we have started finding sea glass again along this beach. Many feel that it is a result of the higher number of harsh storms that are churning up the sea beds along the coast. I have wrapped each glass piece in a cradle of seed beads, crystals and fresh water pearls and suspended the pendants froma collection fo organza ribbons and hand dyed rayon cords. As an accent, I have added a few of my treasured African Recycled glass beads that my borther has brought to me from Tanzania. These pieces are great fun to make, each is totally unique and offers different construction challenges each time. (This means that I don't get bored with the process!!)

The bottle green piece of glass is much older than the blue piece as it is quite a bit more curvacious.
On the back of each pendant I created a beaded hanging bail for suspensio of the piece form the ribbons. It all came together wquite easily once I was able to sit down and give the project my full attention- ah there in lies the RUB!!

As I have now figured out how to entrap found items without holes, I will be creating beaded cradles for all sorts of beach finds. This means of course, that this years trip to Cape Cod will result in several additional boxes of rocks and treasure riding back home to Virginia!!!!
If you have some specail treasure that does not have an obvious hole for suspension and you would like to have me create a hanging cradle for it, please feel free to contact me!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful Elizabeth!

Deborah said...


MosaicMagpie said...

Great looking the beadwork adds just the right touch.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Interesting and lovely, E. How can you bear to sell them, they are so lovely?! Actually I think I know the answer to that question (or more than one!)

Nice job.

Caron said...

Gorgeous work! I'll check out your Etsy site for possible present ideas. Thanks, also, for your post on my blog. I tried to contact you via email...

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, Elizabeth! Don't you just loves "gems from the sea"!


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