Friday, October 22, 2010

The Colors of Fall in My Garden

Yes these are pictures of my Fall garden ! I took these pictures just last week. Last night we had a very still and chilly night, so I know that our first killing frost will soon be here. We also were able to enjoy a glorious Full Harvest Moon.
My Belinda's Dream rose is still covered with buds and the Endless Summer Hydrangea is putting out new buds, especailly after I did a big trim back of any spent blossoms.

My hardy Pink Daisy mums are blooming their fool heads off and next year I must rmember to tie them up so they don't flop all about. It does look pretty and wild with the pink blooms showing in amoung all of the other plants however. perhaps I will continue to ignore that chore! :)

As the fresh periwinkle purple hydanges blossoms fade they trun a wonderful akliedescope of colors and when paired with the pink Mums one can see all of the red and pink tones in the bracts of the flower head. Sooo beautiful!!

Despite my best efforts and repeated attempts, including presoaking of the seeds, I failed to get any of the old fashioned morning glory seed sot sprout!! My Moon Flowers went crazy however!!!

The wire fencing that seperates the dog run from the rest of the back yard looks so much nicer with vines growing all over it and the Moon Flower buds are still coming! It is such fun to go out after dusk and watch all of teh insect activity around the glowing blossoms adas the hawk moths and Luna Moths swoop in to feed. i saw two Luna Moths this year but the phtos did not turn out well so I will just have to count on my garden journal to remind me of her visit.

Both the roses and the Zinnia's really love the cooler chilly nights and warm days and repay me with glorious blooms .(as if I am responsibel for the change of seasons- HAH!!)
As long as I am willing to dead head, the zinniza and perrenial Verbena will continue to bloom. this all makes the little moths and butterflies very happy and I have seen lurking Praying Mantis feasting on the beetles and other little critters that are drawn to the floral feasting.

I jsut love the color variation on this zinnia blossom but I am not sure whether the red and orange streaking is due to the chilly evenings or to a mutaion in the actually plant. Some one came along and decided to snack! i am goignt o save the seeds form this particular blossom and plant them out next year to see if it is a real mutation ar a response to the cold. You can take the girl away from the science lab but you can't take the science lab out of the girl!!!

Now I must go out and pick another fresh bunch of Zinnia's as it may be the last of the season.
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!!


La Dolce Vita said...

wow, this still looks like summer to me!! my white roses are the only thing left in my garden! gorgeosity!!

Judy Warner said...

Your flower photos continue to be beautiful. I have to remember to look for moon flower seeds. Your gardens must be amazing.

martha brown said...

Your flowers look beautiful! My pink daisy mums are just coming out -- but everything else is kind of done-- I completely missed my purple asters! Maybe today I need to cut down my tomato plants. It's supposed to rain here for the next week......

dosfishes said...

Wow, it looks like summer at your place. Just a few hundred miles south and the world is a whole new place. Love those pinks and blues. xox Corrine

Anna said...

Yup, you definitely need to come visit and give me some garden advice! Your flowers are gorgeous! No wonder your creations are so bright and cheerful! AND yes, I will be in the Burg for lunch on Nov 5. Acorn earrings! Yay!

Carol said...

Oh, everyone likes fall so much, but I hate to see my flowers go. Yours are absolutely wonderful.

Deborah said...

Gorgeous colors that look like summer to me!

Connie said...

Your flowers are just beautiful. It's been so dry here in VA. that we're lucky the grass is growing. However I do have a holly tree that has berries for the first time. Right now they are gold and red. Very much fall colors. I just love them.

Jeannie said...

Your gardens are beautiful. I am determined to grow zinnias next year. They are such cheerful flowers. Oh, and moon flowers! Gorgeous. I know soon enough the seed catalogues will start filling my mail box. Dreaming of summer flowers already!

Marilyn Rock said...

These are Fall flowers? WOW! Gorgeous; lovin' those hydrangeas! xxoo

Debrina said...

I absolutely adore hydrangeas, but strangley (wierdly!) I've never had ANY success in growing them myself. I can grow pretty much anything but them. PS. I'm so glad your kids got a chuckle out of clever clogs! I wonder if it is a uniquely British/NZ saying. Have a look at this:
We mean it in NZ in a nice way, though: as in creatively cool!

Plays with Needles said...

You must have one of the most beautiful gardens on earth! I loved the tour and I bet the flowers look terrific against the backdrop of all those colorful trees! Happy day, Elizabeth.

Farah Muzaffar said...

Great flowers, i am falling in love with your Pink daisy mums.... what a beautiful colour and what healthy flowers they are... With the view of your garden no one can say its autumn is approaching... flowers can make my heart happy and they make.. gorgeous..
Hope you would like to spare a little time for me at
and let me know about my new post..

irishgirlsews said...

BEAUTIFUL....Your garden is lovely.
I do love the harvest moon too, hubby and I stroll the beach late in the evening and watch the moon come up, simple things in life are the BEST!

Judy said...

Oh how beautiful! It has been warm and MUGGY here lately, but that will all change tonight, as I expect it will in your neck of the woods as well. Stay warm!



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