Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trees Of Hope Artist's Tree

Several posts back I presented a felted ornament that I created for a fundraiser for the Tree's Of Hope auction in Fredericksburg. All of the funds raised form this Gala and Silent Auction of beautifully decorated tree's including our special Artist's Tree will go to HOPE HOUSE Domestic Violence Shelter here in Fredericksburg. Local Artist Susan Ishi outdid herself creating a magically creative tree with 40 Oranaments created by local artists, based on the color Red. One of my favorites is this Red Cardinal framed against a turquoise sky! Simply Stunning!!

Just behind the artists manequins outsteretched hand you can see my fleted and beaded silk wool and velvet ornament. To mix in with the little manequins , Susan added paint brushes that had been dipped in thick metallic paints and the tree skirt was an artists canvas dropcloth of course!!! The drop cloth which had been sprinkled and splattered with red and green paints was beautifully swathed around the base of the tree.

In the photo above, to the right of the red tipped brush you can see one of several fuzed glass ornaments that were made for the tree. As many of us know from decorating our own trees, it is very easy for some ornaments to be missed or not seen till the tree is at the curb during take down, but Susan had prepared for this eventuallity as well. She really did think of everything!!!

Just beside the tree, Susan had placed a large Ornament Legend with pictures of each ornament and the artists name. There are so very beautifull creations on this tree, and who ever leaves the highest bid will have a fabulous collection of little art gems from some of the best known artist in Fredericksburg, and then from me!! I hope that this becomes a regular part of the Tree's of Hope event and perhaps next year we can fill several trees!!!!


dosfishes said...

What a fabulous idea. Such a great way to raise money for a most worthy cause. Many of our yoga studios in the area here do Saturday classes to benefit our local women and children's shelters too. But the tree is magical. xox Corrine

Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a great idea for a good cause. I'm so pleased you participated in it. The tree is fabulous, and it will be a lucky person who gets to take it home.

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Elizabeth,
This is such a beautiful thing to be a part of. The ornaments are all so lovely and unique.
Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Peggy Beck said...

This is a wonderful project. Always wanted to make an ornament for the White House Tree, but must be chosen for that one.
What a wonderful opportunity. The tree is "Grand".

Marilyn Rock said...

Brilliant! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! xxoo


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