Monday, January 3, 2011

A Wooooooonderful Way To Start My Year!

I had a wonderful day today, and it was a Monday at that. I began my day helping my friend Lorie McCown hang her upcoming Fiber Arts show. (Post to follow very soon!!!) Then I went on to Liberty Town to see if I needed to restock after Christmas sales. In my box I found this card with a note attached telling me that I might be interested in it. It looked strangely familiar to me, like it was something that I might have made. It was very odd, really.
So I opened the card and saw the message inside.
Then I turned the card over and saw this!

It turns out that this is a photo of a felted collage piece created by Miss Nellie Brady, one of the students who participated in the Felting Workshop that I taught at Fredericksburg Academy, this past Fall.
Underneath the artists name, you can see that I am credited with teaching the workshop as one of the Visiting Artists. For that little paragraph to ahve been included at all is such an amazing compliment to me! I am truely overwhelmed and very grateful to have been included! What an amazing and totally unexpected gift.
You can read more about my felting adventures with 90 4th and 5th graders here.

I am thrilled for the student who did the work, what an honor to have her work chosen for the schools Holiday Card!! I am tickled that the chosers picked something from the workshop that I taught and that I, as the teacher, had been given any mention at all!! (I have a bit of an inkling that the wonderful art teacher, my good friend Mirinda Reynolds, might have been somehow involved in this in some teeny tiny little way! (big Smile)
It so happens that I am returning to Fredericksburg Academy on Wednesday, to work with one 5th grade class. I absolutely love the time that I get to spend with these kids!! We will be working with this group to create Rain Forest themed wall hangings to be auctioned at the annual school fundraiser. So there will be much more felting mess mayhem and magic to follow shortly!!
In the meantime, this little discovery really really made my day!!!!
So I want to thank the Academy( I am perfecty aware that I am not recieving a Gold statue, a la Oscar) and artist Nellie Brady for the honor of being credited in your wonderful holiday card creation. It sure feels like a great big Art Award. You began my artistic year with a wonderful surprise!!!


Joella said...

what a lovely way to begin the new year :) thank you for sharing your little piece of wonderful with us!

Suztats said...

How wonderful, not only to be acknowledged, but also to receive such a nice card. Happy New Year!

dosfishes said...

What a wonderful gift to receive from your students.
So great and what a fab way to start of 2011. xox corrine

Lorie McCown said...

Now that is an awesome Monday, huh? Thanks for the help, I was dog tired, but a good, arty sort of tired! See ya soon dearie.

Deborah said...

What a wonderful acknowledgement!

Julie said...

I hope your wonderful start continues all through 2011, you deserve a beautiful year! xx

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I can see why they chose that one. It makes a beautiful holiday card! A very nice recognition that you have made a difference out there. Good work!

Jane LaFazio said...

how wonderful!! good for Nelly and good for you and good for fiber arts! sweet story......thanks,

Marilyn Rock said...

A great beginning for sure Elizabeth! Kudos to you for all of your accomplishments! xxoo

Plays with Needles said...

How AWESOME is that???????

Congratulations to both you and Nelly!! You were a great teacher and she was a great student. very cool!!!!

Julie said...

Hi Elizabeth, I have been trying to send you an email to thank you for your very kind words about my Mum but it keeps bouncing back. Just to say thank you so much for your beautiful words. They touched me very deeply. xx


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