Monday, April 18, 2011

Raggedy Roses!

I know that I have shared my Raggedy Roses Brooches with you before but this time I have created Raggedy Roses Hair Clips and added in bits of vintage lace, crystals and pearls. I have been growning out my bangs (Fringe to some of you) and have had a great need for some hair clips for myself. I purchased the spring clip mechnaisms in two different sizes and started stitching.
I used my hand dyed damask linen tablecloth strips for the colored flowers, as you see above.
For the white clips I have used strips from a vintage silk hankie (the ecru rose buds), undyed white linen damask, vintage lace for the lace flower and then mounted the bouquet on a bit of a damaged vintage doily. Then I added vintage glass pearls, some sparling crystals and lots of seed beads. This has a three inch clip mechanism on the back.
Yesterday I took my bouquets with me for Show and Tell at my art group meeting and sold the clip that you see above!! I think this one was my favorite!! It does look fabulous in Linda's hair- she has nice long curly hair and this sits on the back of her head beautifully!!!

Detail shot of the larger white bouquet- sorry about the side ways posting!!
I did all of the work by hand and finshed off the back covering all of the messy bits with a piece of green felt!! these remaing clips will go down to the Gallery at Liberty Town and will hopefully entice some flower lovers as it is Garden Week here in Virginia!!!
Happy Spring Everyone!!


Sandie's Patch said...

They are gorgeous!
I'm letting my hair grow.
I think I'll have to add these to my 'to do' list LOL!

Sandie xx

Sharon said...

Love these clips!You creative creature! I woke to snow this morning.Didn't last but it is so cold. I want to be in my garden!! :-(

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I love, love this header and the dyed laces. Sweet hair clips, the sewn leaves really shimmer too. xox Corrine

Annika said...

Your Raggedy Rose brooches are beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

These turned out so pretty, Elizabeth!

I have to laugh because mine never do. They always look like "clumps"!

You have "the touch".

Hugs, Diane

Ro Bruhn said...

Gorgeous collection, these will sell very fast.

Jacky said...

I can see the influence of spring here Elizabeth...beautiful hair clips.

Jacky xox

Createology said...

Your Raggedy Roses are beautiful. Great idea to make them into barretts. Happy Easter...
Your banner clothesline with the dyed laces is fabulous.

Marilyn Rock said...

These are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

oh my -

these are truly gorgeous - they inspire me to go ahead with the flowers I did, but use them as clips.

You forgot to link to you earlier post on them - I want to see more!

MB Shaw said...

These are stunning. Really love work :)


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