Friday, September 30, 2011

Fungus Amoungus!!!!!

Fantastical and amazing structures have been erupting all over our yard during the last 10 days of rain and damp. This particular fungus appeared in our back yard and is approximately the size of a dinner plate!!!! Fascinating!!
In the Central East Coast States we have been treated with about 10-12 days of rain damp, humidity and more rain- MUSHROOM weather to say the least!!!
It is finally looking like we are going to be freed from this weather pattern and move right on into Fall. I cannot say that I am upset by this . I love the Fall. I will be so very excited to have some crisp and SUNNY days with deep violet blue skies to enjoy!!! hopefully these days are fast approaching!!!!
These sweet little shrooms were around last week . I love all of the details of the structures in this particular variety!
Here is another of the dinner plate sized orange ones. this one was collecting water in the cup, perhaps a fairies bathtub???? .I would not have noticed it at the back of the yard unless I had seen a bird fly down and land on it's edge, for a drink!!!

This shot is a bit fuzzy , i know but I love this little mushroom standing off by itself!!

How many mushrooms have you got growing in your yard, these days.??????


Heavens2Betsy said...

Love this post! Toadstools are fascinating aren't they? We don't have any to speak of here in London yet, but in a week or two, after our sudden hot weather and leaves already on the ground we are sure to find some! Fingers crossed. penny

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I am always amazed at how these things just spring from the ground and disappear just as quickly. Quite the collection! Must be a moist yard. We have some of the same ones in the woods around us. Happy Weekend. xox Corrine

Connie said...

Oh wow! I live in Va. and I have shrooms too. Hugh ones. The texture of them, the detail is wonderful. I should take some pics of mine. Maybe I will later today.

Createology said...

Your mushrooms are enchanting. I keep looking to see the little fairies playing under them. I get some mushrooms growing in the yard but none like these beauties. One type is so sturdy it popped up the asphalt driveway and a cousin mushroom broke through the that is one tough mushroom! Love your photos...

Marilyn Rock said...

I think we have "shrooms" growing out of our ears here! Yikes! We are just starting to dry out with sun and nice temps and a mild breeze! Love your photos! xxoo

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Just stopping by to say hello. Love your etched cuffs in your previous post.

Mushrooms abound at my house--but I'm not going to EAT any of them!


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