Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sun Prints Follow Up

After yesterdays post, and showing the prints as they were drying in the sun after all of the work of setting them up, I thought I should share the results!! Seems only fair, right???

This was the 'in the sun drying shot' that you saw in the last post. The following shots show the prints after the botanical elements have been removed.

This print is the results of the print with the yellow daisy like flowers. You can see that the pollen from the center of each flower leaves a stain on the fabric. I have tried to wash the pollen stain out but it refuses to budge. Another wonderful element added form sun printing with botanicals , as far as I am concerned!!! This print was done on a piece of vintage linen hand towel and you can see the open work stitching along the bottom edge.
The tiny little star like spots are actually floral prints from this flower.
This is the perennial form of verbena and I grow it as it is a favorite with the bees and the butterflies. It does seed itself quite vigorously so I do pull out many seedlings in the spring. To use these florets in the sun prints, I pull out each little stemmed flower and place it face down on the wet cloth. The stems stick straight up in the air and seal very nicely to the fabric leaving a nice crisp edge. It does take quite a bit of time to prep each blossom and carefully place it, but the results are worth it!!
The flowers also happen to be a very intense violet and sway and wave in the breeze so wonderfully with many butterflies and bees drinking away- such fun to have in the garden!!!

You also saw this shot in my last post. Here are the hydrangea blossoms all laid out for printing.

This is one of the prints from the above picture. I used a piece of white eyelet cotton to print on.
Here you can see a mix of blossoms and leaves with the verbena florets mixed in. It is always so interesting to see how the paint moves to blur the edges or leave sharp crisp edges. You never know what has happened till you remove the mask elements.

I have just posted several sets of Leafy greens sun prints to my Etsy Shop. You can see them here. They are all 5 X 7 panels of fine cotton that have been sun printed with leaves and foliage to accompany the blossom and lace sun prints that have been previously listed.

And now, here it is, a picture of 'Zelda' Woodford. Now anyone who knows Becca or if you are friends with her on Face Book, had better not breath a word of this posting!!!!!!! Don't You DARE!!!!! She will kill me!!!!
I did want to show you the results of our costuming efforts. She was so thrilled with it all and went off to High School excited and happy to see what kind of response was in store for her.

REMEMBER No Comments to Becca about this picture!!!!!


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

These came out so great Elizabeth and "Zelda" looks marvelous! xox Corrine

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Your sun prints came out great- again! Zelda's pretty cute, too.

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous, fabulous prints Elizabeth. I'm waiting for our sun to return with some heat then I'm ready to go again.

Vicki W said...

Your sun prints are wonderful. I really love the first one.

Gerrie said...

So fantastic. I love these!!

bois-fleurie said...

They are beautiful.

Connie said...

Becca looks great! And I love the way your sun prints turned out.

Katie said...

These are so wonderful! Beautiful outcome.

Chris Daly said...

Your sunprints are sooo pretty.It is fun to see the fabric with the flowers spread out on it.

Marilyn Rock said...

I just love your prints! Hydrangeas are my favorites! Zelda looks great - shhhhhh! I never said a word. :) xxoo


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