Friday, February 17, 2012

Some New Work !

Recently I have been doing many projects using re-purposed wool sweaters .  I made several pairs of finger-less mitts for Christmas  gifts and even sold several pairs around the holidays. With these various projects I had many wool bits left over and being one to ALWAYS think before I throw away, tried my hand at making some cording from the felted wool sweater seam allowances. The resulting cording is what you see below.

Now what to do with this fun and sturdy cording.  It could be used for any number of things.  I could be braided together to create purse handles and straps.  how about combined at necklaces with some fun hand made beads?  ALL of these ideas are on my list, believe me!  As I am really enjoying some bead work right now I decided to try and combine the cording with some Ultra Suede, heavy interfacing and BEADS to create some organic looking bracelets.  Here is my first attempt!!!
I put this piece on Face Book and got an order for a similar one and I put this actual piece in the Gallery at Artful Dimensions just before Valentines Day and it sold after two days.  I think I am on to something!!!

These cuffs are very comfortable to wear as there is no stiff inner metal cuff to increase the weight of the piece. Several people who adore other beaded cuff bracelets that I create, have expressed interest in a softer formed piece as they have joint issues and cannot wear things that are hard, on their wrists.  These interactions with customers greatly influenced my design process with these new softer, gentler beaded pieces.  These beaded works stitch up in no time at all relative to the copper lined cuffs ,also a bonus.

As this Red Corded Cuff sold so quickly, I had to start on another one.  The Purple Corded Cuff was just completed and will be going to Artful Dimensions this weekend.  Now I have folks who want to learn how, so I am working on a third piece that will serve as a class sample so I can advertise classes at Artful Dimensions.

The Purple Corded Cuff  available for purchase at Artful Dimensions Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA.

Inside shots are all well and good but there is nothing like outdoor natural light for taking pictures and getting true color representations!!  I simply had to add the next three shots so you could really see the true colors in this piece.

All of this wonderful beadiness from a bit of felted wool sweater seam trash and a few conversations with bead lovers!!  Don't you just love those Light Bulb Moments??????


Anna M. Branner said...

Beautiful work Elizabeth!! I just love the cording....and what it inspires.

Wendy said...

Gorgeous bracelets, and yes indeed outdoor pics are the best!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

These are gorgeous Elizabeth and I like the soft touch too. xox Corrine

Ro Bruhn said...

These are fabulous works of art Elizabeth, no wonder they are selling so fast.

stacie said...

I love these Elizabeth! I am a big fan of cuff bracelets.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I love the fact that you are using ALL of your sweater finds! And in such cool ways!

Lori Anderson said...

These are so amazing -- I have no capability this way!

pam said...

Your cuffs are simply beautiful.

Trying to catch up a bit on my reader this afternoon and scanning rather quickly - the cuffs stopped me dead in my scan-tracks!

Very lovely work and good use of leftovers from felting.


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