Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lots of Teaching and a New Toy!!

It has been a long time since my last post and I have been very busy!!  I have been busy teaching, developing new classes,
(Class samples for a new Needle Felted Cuff class at Artistic Artifacts)
and making class samples for display at various venues and shows.

 I have also been working intently on a quilt for the Arts and Old Lace Quilt Challenge.  This is another challenge created by quilt artists Cyndi Souder and Judy Gula of the Power Suit Challenge .  This challenge is much more suited to my style as it involves using old lace.
 Cyndi received an offer of fabrics and laces left over from a bridal shop. Not wanting to turn down such a generous donation of such fabulous textiles, the Arts and Old Lace Challenge Quilt Project was born!!  Cyndi is a master of such things and has a real knack for promoting and organizing such events!!
 The excitement is building as the due date arrives (May 31) and I am still working on my piece!  The truth be told, I misplaced my packet in my home studio and after spending two full days trying to locate it, I cried UNCLE and asked if there were any stray bits left over.  Judy rustled up some scraps, I pulled out a bunch of bits to use from my stash and  dove into the process.
I cannot reveal anything significant till after the show date ( July 21 at the Artistic Artifacts Annex in Alexandria VA)  But I will show you a few details and teaser photos.
I have been very inspired by Allison aller's wonderful new book all about embellishment and I used her technique for using Angelina (c)  fibers fused to silk fabric and then cut out each floret by hand ,to create this  flower.  One very important tip: use very sharp scissors!!  I love these by Havels!  You can purchse them here, of course!!

I used a piece of a vintage bureau scarf here and added some seed beads inside the lazy daisy stitches that formed the leaves around the flowers.  The stitches had gotten kind of , well LAZY  looking and the beads perked everything right up!

Here I kept up with my feather stitch work that i used so much in my Coral Cacophony piece and created some feathery foliage.   A few beads added to this lovely vintage doily really added some great sparkle! Ok that's it! No more for now.  I may show a few more photos of tiny portions before the Big Opening , so you will have to stop by again!

Now, for a change of subject, My New Toy!!  My wonderful husband and kids have gotten me a wonderful teaching tool for a combined Mother's Day + Birthday gift!  It is an Asus Tablet with keyboard docking station!!  Cover your ears Apple product fans , but it is much BETTER than the IPAD as it allows you to add memory and has a USB port .  I can load entire slide shows of teaching techniques and examples that I can use to introduce ideas and techniques at the start of my classes.  It has a large touch screen that allows you to zoom in on stitching details and it can be passed around from student to student and pictures flipped through with a flick of the finger without worrying about dropping a stack of pictures on the floor!!  Brilliant I tell you!!!  I used it today for the first time in one of my classes and it was the BOMB!!!!! 

The tablet portion can easily detach from the key board and serve as a tablet for easy passing about.  here are a few pictures to show you how I am using this wonderful teaching assistant!!

Here is the tablet with keyboard attached showing a picture of my finished tapestry Coral Cacophony.

Simply by touching the screen and spreading my fingers I can zoom in on any detail to discuss any aspect of the piece.
For example we talked about using the same stitch but in different thread types and sizes to achieve depth in a tapestry piece.  I was able to find a spot on the tapestry where I had used the technique and describe how I had done it and what materials I had used.  (All the while the actual piece is hanging in the gallery at Artful Dimensions in Fredericksburg!)

Then with another flick of my finger, I was able to move over to another spot and talk about other details, like rocks wrapped and stitched into bits of lace, for example!!!

Just could not be more useful , fun and informative!!!  Now when I have trouble finding the words to describe what I am trying to explain, I can circumvent the stuttering mouth -brain connection and whisk out the tablet with the pictures that are worth so many thousands of words!!!!
I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful family to support my artistic efforts and a husband who adores setting up the new tools for me!!!


Corrine at said...

Those needle felted cuffs are gorgeous Elizabeth. What a swell new tool...That will really be great for your classes. Glad you are being so creative. xox

Judy said...

WOW I love that needle felted cuff! It is yummy!

Also love your new little gadget. You are right: it is perfect for you and your teaching!


Saturday Sequins said...

Beautiful work! I'm so, so excited about the felted cuff -- the colors and textures are gorgeous, and it looks so comfortable to wear. :)

PeggyR said...

The cuff is gorgeous!


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