Friday, June 29, 2012

Busy and Hot!!!

Life has been a whirlwind lately!! I have been teaching and creating and planning for more teaching!!  recently I have finished this White Free Form bracelet that I am calling "Something New".  It has such a strong Bridal look , the title seemed to be a perfect fit!!

This piece is loaded with pearls and vintage crystals, Opalite stones and Czech floral beads. I am hoping that a customer at Artful Dimensions Gallery will love it as much as I !

Working with summer colors and ocean colors in mind, I have also created these three new Sea Glass Pendants.  I collected these pieces of sea glass last summer on Cape Cod and now each is cradled in a unique strapping of beads, pearls and hand cut vintage crystals!

I just noticed that the temp in DC today has hit 102 degrees!!  After gardening this morning in the relative cool, I set up some sun prints.  One of the few things that a hot sunny oppressive day is good for is Sun Printing!!!  I am working on a very large collage quilt piece that will be comprised of layers of these sun prints.  I have to get three pieces ready to go to the Fredericksburg Museum for a Textile Arts Exhibit that will open in September!!

I hope that all can keep cool !! I am off to set up some more Sun Prints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Judys Fabrications said...

These sun prints are lovely Elizabeth.

bois-fleurie said...

The braclet is beautiful,i'm sure many people will love it. I also love the sun prints,I have no idea how you make them with a dark background and white flowers. Is there a book you know of that might help me,I should be very grateful to know how to do it.

Saturday Sequins said...

What a clever idea, wrapping the stones with beads instead of wire. Awesome!

I love those sun prints. *Drools.*

Connie said...

Beautiful Sun Prints!

Peggy Beck said...

So stunning. I would love it. I have been away from your blog and all blogs, even my own due to several factors, including health issues. I hope to be back and looking at your beautiful creations much more often. Thank you Liz.

Sharon said...

You have been busy girl. The bracelet is gorgeous and yes I could see a bride wearing it.


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