Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Linen Jacket Rescue

I have been finding many wonderful items for re-purposing of late , at local thrift shops and the Goodwill.
I found this great 100% linen jacket recently but inn my opinion it had very "unfortunate pockets."  Sometimes I just have to wonder," What were the designers thinking ????"
This jacket has great simple lines and a timeless style. Why, oh why would one consider plopping a country themed print on the pockets???No matter, my treasure now!!!  I paid 3.49 for it and came back home to plan  a re-make, rescue!!

Very unfortunate pockets don't you think????
So I set to work using strips and scraps of my hand dyed fabrics and many of my sun printed bits to create this strip pieced fabric a la Rayna Gillman !  Her wonderful book Create Your Own Free Form Quilts: A Stress Free Journey to Original Design has been such an inspiration to me and I can't recommend the book and her wonderful methods highly enough!!

I did add a few batiks form my scrap bin and a few Black and White prints to make all the colors pop, but the rest are my won hand dyed and sun printed fabrics.  Then I had to cut the piece up!!  Not easy, but I steeled myself  and cut away, to create pockets and two decorative accent panels for the jacket front and back.

The jacket front!

The jacket back! 
 After a good press and a few photos , I packed the rescued piece up and sent it off to my mom in MA.  She is recovering from a heart attack and hopefully this will put a bit of a spring in her step as she returns to her beloved Knitting group and volunteer endeavors.  Everyone loves to sport a new original piece of arty clothing don't you think!  I know that this will look smashing on her and she will be so jazzed about the fact that it is a recycled remake!!


Anonymous said...

I thought original pockets were cute...but your new ones, and the accents, are gorgeous! Hope your gift makes Mom happy!

Anna M. Branner said...

Once again a beautiful and creative job by you! What a wonderful pick me up gift. :)

bois-fleurie said...

A perfect change to the pockets.I also love your colourful quilt.

KathyE said...

That jacket should put a smile on mom's face!

Judys Fabrications said...

Great strippy piecing.I think I'll have to get that book.I'm nort a traditional quilter.

Sharon said...

Well done and oh so cute. Can you come remake my clothes???!!!! Your mom will love the jacket especially because it came from your artistic hands.

Susan Elliott said...

A heart attack...oh my, that's serious. I hope she is OK. Loved loved loved your jacket. Such a fab improvement over those awful pockets!


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