Saturday, April 6, 2013

This, That and a Sprinkle of Something Else

I have been felling a real Need to Bead lately, so I have been feeding the need.  Here you can see my first go at a Cellini Spiral.  This is a tubular spiral peyote stitch design.  I have been interested in working on this spiral for a long time and I am planning to create a short choker style necklace with this pattern.  The purple beads on the outside of this spiral are a size 8 and the inner spiral beads in black and white are a size 15- teeny tiny!  By working from very small to quite large one can achieve the undulating spiral shape.
although it looks a bit complex it is actually quite simple once you get going.
 These next two pieces are now for sale at Artful Dimensions Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA.  This first piece is a bracelet that I have titled Sea Spray and again, despite its complex shape, it is very easy to achieve using extreme increases in each row of beading to achieve the wonderful ruffly effect.

 This bracelet is titled Cherry Blossom Fizz.

This next piece is the beginnings of a felted picture collage for my upcoming show in September. This  is the piece so far after the wet felting step.  It is a beach scene from Cape Cod .  It will have lots of stitching and details added with machine and hand stitch and probably some beads.

 It is done entirely with my hand dyed fabrics and I added quite a bit of thread painting to the cone flowers  and to put an edge on the table cloth.

And last but not least, for this post anyway is a newly collaged ,wet felted scarf made with various bits of silk ,wool and mohair curls, and roses that were created during the wet felting process.  For this piece I used several of the techniques that I learned with Margo Duke .  You can read about that class and see pictures of my work in the previous post, here.

I am in the process of adding beads to the centers of the flowers and some sparkle to the bits of green wool curls.  I have several more pieces like this one planned so I must get going to get them ready to roll!  Till next time....................


Debrina said...

Displaying amazing talent here, Elizabeth!

margaret said...

wow comes to mind for yur spiral beadwork it is lovely. The felting piece looks so interesting, look forward to seeing its journey to completion.

LisaS said...

Beautiful beadwork! I love the colors you chose in that first one. All your pieces are amazing ;)

Suztats said...

Lots of lovely eye candy. I really like your bracelets.

Saturday Sequins said...

Elizabeth, you've made some diverse and awesome things lately! I really love the Cherry Fizz. That's the perfect name for it. :)

Trina said...

lovely, elizabeth!


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