Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back To Blogland At Last!!

I have just signed on to another Bead Soup Blog Party and one of the requirements for the Bead Soup is that we all have active blogs.  Well, I have a blog but it has been anything but active- more like deep hibernation.  Time to wake-y wake-y!!!  So having to wake up the Blog to participate is something that you can all thank the Amazing and Indomitable Lori Anderson for!!!  Lori is a dynamo and if you do not know of her I urge you to check out her website and her book titled Bead Soup!

  She has embarked on starting yet another beady Blog Party while she is fighting a raging case of Lyme Disease!!!  She is one tough cookie and so passionate about beads!

So as the Bead Soup Blog party gets started I thought I might catch you all up on what I have been doing with myself lately.  Lots of projects, in a picture scroll format.  Not too many words as I have to get back in the swing of things blog-wise very slowly.  I have been so very busy with all sorts of life happenings that the blog has fallen off the edge of the plate.  Don't want to shack you all with too much verbiage!! :)

Here goes:  IF you have  specific questions feel free to holler at me in the comments!!

 Nuno felted wrap- I am getting the hang of making holes!! YEAH!

 Collage nuno felt wrap "Jack Frost Farewell"  beaded and using my hand dyed vintage linens. ( This piece sold before I had it finished!!  Love it when that happens!)

 Nuno felted and beaded bracelet- "Spring Snow Melt"

The Colors OF Happy- collaged felt  beaded and embroidered collar.

 We have had quite a winter this year with lots of ice and snow.  I managed to get a few good garden ice pictures.

 Flock of birds stitched from left over sun printed and felted bits.

I made and sold quite a few of my Inspiration Banners.

As part of our Art Outreach at Artful Dimensions Gallery, I have been teaching a Journals From Junk class Just for Teens at a branch of our library!! It is all free to the kids and we have been having a great time playing and learning together.  This will go on twice a month till May 2014.

The title of this felted and stitched piece is Nantucket Sound. Th is the third piece in a series that I have done with nuno felted backgrounds and found objects embroidery and beads.

 I created this bracelet as a donation for a Silent Auction that was being held in town to benefit a fellow artist who is fighting a gallant battle with cancer.  Fortunately he and his family have been able to take full advantage of the Affordable Care Act and have saved lots of money and stress!!

 I took advantage of all of the snow and tried my hand at snow dying!!!  Loved it and I think I will try it next with ice, from the ice machine.  We don't want anymore snow!!!

I finally got around to creating a sign for my studio door at the gallery.  BTW f you have not "Liked" us on Face Book ,please pop over and have a look!! (Artful Dimensions Gallery) We are a non profit and we have found that the Face Book page is really helping us get the word out about all that we have to offer!

So what have you all been up to lately!! I have really missed visiting everyone and will be making great efforts to pop in for a quick visit in the next couple of days!! Now I am off to make supper!


Judy said...

I've done simple felting but never seen this kind before. I love it! Especially the piece with the sea shells. My bathroom is decorated with seashells and sea colors and a friend gave me a big basket of shells just a couple of days ago. I may try my hand at this and make a piece to hang on the wall! Did you just glue the shells on? and if so, what glue did you use. Thank you so much, you have some really pretty things. Judy

linda smith said...

well your piece on the sand with the beads is beautiful just lovely linda smith


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