Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Becca's 10th Birthday Party!

We decided to celebrate Becca's 10th birthday early this year. Her actual birthday falls on the 17th of December. In the past, that has proven to be avery difficult time to gather friends. It is the last weekendbefore Christmas and there are usually many competing events. So, this year we went for an earlier date. The small party was a smashing success!

We held the party at a wonderful new bead store in town called the Whistlestop Bead Shop. Becca invited four friends and they made wonderfulbeaded bracelets and were taught howto make glass bead flower charms to hang from their bracelets! Everyone was thrilled with their creations and I didn't have to clean the house!!!!!!

Becca and good friend Megan, working away!

The final glorious creations! the shop owner, Jan, wentway above and beyond and had the girls make as many charms as they wanted!

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