Friday, December 1, 2006

Creating Art Journals

I have just finished work on a project that pushed me way out of my warm and cozy comfort zone! I entered an Art Journal Swap that is based on the book Collage Unleashed By artist Traci Bautista. After looking thru her books and checking out her web sites, I was hooked. I really feel like I have become artistically "unleashed", perhaps unrestrained is a better word. Anyway, I had a lot of fun creating this journal and i have gone on to make several more to be given as Christmas gifts. (The gift journals will be filled with mostly blank pages so recipients can use the pages more freely for art or writing.

This is the front cover. I made the cover using covers from a discarded library book. I did all of the painting techniques on Tyvek. The spine was made using rug hooking canvas with ribbons, yarn and even painted tyvek strips hooked thru it. All of the following pictures are interior pages.

Inside front cover with fibers hooked thru sequin waste and a pocket for keeping treasures.

This is the back cover. This journal contains about 20 different pages, not all shown here. I think that I will me making more of htese journals, several people have asked if they could buy one or two!

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