Sunday, December 31, 2006

Spiral beaded Necklaces.

I am so excited about the new beading techniques that I am learning! The primary goal was to create elegant and interesting neck pieces to use to suspend my collage focal beads. Now I am discovering all over again, the fun of beadwork! This pattern is called a Single Spiral. The necklace in a previous post with the SHeep Collage was a double spiral. Each is done with a single stand of beading thread and a beading needle. They are much simpler than they look and they feel wonderful. They are not at all stiff or tight.

I created these two loose chocker length necklaces in about 4 hours, two days ago. They are made using wonderful matte raku seed beads of various sizes and shapes and freshwater pearls in fushia and wonderful lustrous grey.


Ruth Rae said...

one last post to your blog!
it really looks amazing your doing a great job posting your work on it! I just added you to my links of my blog so I can keep up with all your art :)

StegArt said...

Hi Elizabeth, just came to check out your blog. Glad you came out of lurkville in the Surface Design group. I'm adding your blog to my list in bloglines....gonna keep track of you now. Love your work.


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