Friday, January 5, 2007

Playing with dolls!

I mad this doll as a gift for my niece Jennifer, who is a sophomore in the art school at Carnegie Mellon University. Every art student needs a guardian for their muse! I made her wings from a smashed soda can that I had recovered from the street during a recent dog walk. The aluminum was crumbling and brittle so I peeled it aprt and forced some glue into the cracks and crevases. Then I embossed the wings with glittering glue. All of her other parts are the usual bits and pieces that I have arrainged before. This time her halo is a smooshed YooHoo bottle cap. I just loved the rust and the color! She makes quite the statment and I know that she has found a very appreciative home!!

1 comment:

Angelcat said...

Your doll is wonderful I'm sure your neice must adore it, what a great muse!


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