Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fiber Fusion Experiments

I have been playing around with fusing , melting, painting and all around fiber attatchment recently. I am participating in a Fiber Arts Charm swap on one of my Yahoo groups and I have been very inspired by seeing all of the beautiful work that people are doing. This is all very mind stretching!!! Below you wil find some pictures of starting materials followed by a progression of techniques that I applied. This was all done purely as an experiment. I tried very hard to not worry about the final product but just see what I could achieve with the materuials that I combined and how I manipulated the fibers.
This is my collection of starting materials. I painted an old piece of muslin with Lumiere acrylic paints and let it dry. The piece of pink is a torn drier sheet that I painted with pink acrylic paint. The rest is an acrylic gold mesh, foil candy wrappers, synthetic lace.
I pinned this all down onto the muslin and went crazy with stitching on the sewing machine.
I did cut the foil pieces up into slivers and used the lace to help hold everything in place before the stitching took over.
This is the back of the piece after the initial round of stitching.
This is the result following melting of synthetic fibers with my heat tool. Then I added some blue and purple acrylic paint to some of the white lace. The gold mesh melted and drew back as a result of the heat treatment. The drier sheet also responded to the heat by melting.
i am very pleased with the results of this experiment. I am pleased with all of the texture that was achieved and I will do more of this to make one inch fiber charms for my swap!!


Helen in the UK said...

Saw your mention of zapping dryer sheets on ArtsntheMail and thought I'd check out your blog. You do such wonderful work. I'll be sure to check in again :)

sammy said...

I am so glad I searched and found your how to of making the fuzed fabric... I do have to try this...



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