Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vanna, (no Mitzi) does painted paper towel!

I got together with my friend Mitzi last week and I taught her the terribly challenging technique of painting paper towels! We had more fun than three year old's with gallons of finger paint!!

The next time that we get together I am going to start her on her first altered book. We
had a blast!
We did several different methods. the first was just wiping the paint loaded brush onto the damp paper towel. The second method was squirting paint directly on freezer paper and then we took"prints" from the paint with the wet paper towel. In two hours we had a giant stack of papers that we will now use in all sorts of wonderful creations. More fun than a person should be allowed to have!!!!


Sharon said...

Oh, yes this looks like fun! It can't be a coincidence that I just this morning read in the book of Traci Bautista about dying paper towels and me deciding to try this within a few days and now I see your painted paper towels!

Ruth Rae said...

I love to paint paper towels!
you know what I do when I paint I use my paper towel then once I am done I soak up the watter from the cup and then squeez it so I get one or two at a time :)

you look so cute in this pic :)


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