Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fabric Post Cards

This has been a very busy week, but I have had to finish up these post cards as they are supposed to be in the mail today!!!
We have been iced in here in VA and the kids have been out of school since Tuesday the 13th!!!!!!! Apparently the parking lots and walk ways at the schools are solid ice, about 3inches thick and they are having to chop it out by hand!! The temp has not risen above 19 degrees all week so no melting has been going on. With the wind it has felt like 2-3 above. I can't believe this!! I'll take 3 feet of snow any day , at least you can plow snow!!! Thank goodness we never lost power, like many folks in Maryland! I would have really gone nuts!!!! Everyone around here was so upset that we were not having any winter-I haven't heard about that issue THIS week!!

Anyhoooo, back to my Fabric Post Cards (FPC's) The cards are for an alphabet swap- for the letter B. These are my Beautiful Blossoms. The flowers are cut out of flet that has been heated and melted by a heat tool. The melting causes the shriveling and color changes and the lacy holes in the fabric. I then had to add some beaded stamens and leaf veins!! I simply HAVE to add beads!!


Helen in the UK said...

Love your postcards - such wonderful colours and detail :)

Scrappy Cat said...

Love your postcards! Where are you swapping them?


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