Saturday, February 17, 2007

Doggie Lumbar Support

As I have been spending a bit more time at the computer lately and Buddy is not really comfortable sitting on my lap with the key board on his head, he has decide to find a spot somewhere else. Now, whenever I sit down at the computer, Buddy jumps up over the arm of the chair, turns around a few times and settles down behind me.. I am now perched on the edge of the computer chair, but my lower back is so nice and warm!!! often he will rest his head on the arm of the chari, which means that his head and neck are tilted at about a 45 degree angle. He will snooze this way for as long as I am at the computer!
What would we do without our wonderful pets?????


Helen in the UK said...

Oh - this is so cute!! Funny how animals sometimes sleep happily in a position that looks so uncomfortable! At least he is keeping you warm :)

redhead7-Glenda said...

Elizabeth, this is so sweet. I loved seeing it. Thought maybe I could convince Creed, the big red doberman to share mine but I don't think I'd have any more room on the chair. And, I did want to say that your work is just wonderful and yes, I will think about that yahoogroup. Glenda


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