Saturday, February 10, 2007

Paint Scrapping With A Twist!

I really love this technique and I have been doing alot of experimenting and developing methods for paint application that seem to work very well for me.

The two papers on the left were done on 140 lb. watercolor paper. I have been applying puddles of paint to mey meat try pallette, picking up the color with my old credit card scrapper and laying down one color at a time. Each time I apply color, I leave some space blank and then let each color dry. Then I apply the next color. THis allows me to have areas of pure color as well as areas of layered color. In this way I am able to achieve almost a "madras" or plaid effect and have no problems with muddying colors. But I also do not get the wonderful effects from color mixing.

I have also continued to play with scrapping paint, in the manner described above, over sheets of colllaged text from various sources. When the text is torn and then colllaged onto sketch paper with a glue stick, the edges absorb the paint differently than the surface area. In this way I was able to achieve wonderful differences in color intensities. once each color layer had dried, I applyed metallic paints to a rubber stamp and stamped over the top, to finish things off.

Now what to do with my sheets of glorious color?? I liked some of them so much that I thought about framing them , as is. I might do that in time. But for now I have a Tag Swap that I am participating in with my Altered Book Group, so I cut several sheets up to make tags. There are Nine others taking part in this swap, so sometime in the next couple of weeks I will get an envelope stuffed with other artists tag creations! Trips to the amil box are so exciting these days!!

The tags look so very different when they are cut and the colors are isolated from the overall sheets of color.


Patti Gramza said...

These are great Elizabeth! I love the paint and the papers! Makes for a wwwwonderful background!!

Scrappy Cat said...

I LOVE your tags Elizabeth - really beautiful.


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