Monday, March 26, 2007

Chosen For Her Artwork!!

The Public School System in our County held it's Annual Festival of the Arts Weekend on March 24-25. Becca knew that she would be performing with The Singing Gators at the festival, on Saturday morning. By all accounts they did a beautiful job with their singing- Becca does love to sing and she has a beautiful voice.
On Friday, March 23rd Becca was given a certificate by her art teacher that stated that a piece of her art had been choosen for display. She was Over The Moon with excitement!!

I was unable to attend the concert as I had signed up for a class way back in December, long before the date for the festival had been announced. I was dissappointed but I knew that she and Dad would have a great time together. They left for the event armed with cameras and with orders to take lots of pictures.
Once the Concert was over she and Dad went in search of her art work. They found her Gator Drawing. The assignment had been to draw a picture of a Gator (the school Mascot), involved in an unusual activity. The size was to be no bigger that the 4x6 inch piece of paper.

Becca was not aware that another piece of her art had also been chosen. She was SO excited when she discovered her picture of her shoe, mounted and displayed along with several others!!! The assignment had been to draw a picture of her sneaker with as much detail as possible. They could use pencil and then Sharpie marker and then they were to color it with watercolors.

I am still not able to draw anything that even remotely resembles the original so I must conclude taht she has come by this skill from her Dad, the engineer! We are so proud of her!!!

We are also very proud of our terrific son Matthew. He is 15 and a freshman in High School. This kid excels at everything that he does but he refuses to let me take pictures of him, never mind post stories about him on my blog!! SIGH!!!

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Patti G. said...

BECCA!!!!!!!!!!! Oh your artwork that was chosen is fantastic! How fun and you are such a cutie pie! I am sure it felt so good to see your artwork in lights, and honored, and I love how you are pointing out your pieces in the pictures! YOU should be tickled pink hon! I think you are a little star in the making for sure! BOTH pieces are great and you have an eye for color and can draw! WOW, such talent! Tell your brother to let Mom take a picture of him, or you will have to draw one so we can see him too! Hehehehe! Think he'd fall for that Becca?? Congrats again sweetie!!!!!!! Way TO SHINE! Hugs,Patti
P.S. Elizabeth, your pins below are beautiful! :0)


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