Monday, March 19, 2007

Getting Ready for Art And Soul !!

May 3rd is fast approaching and I am so very excited to be able to attend Art and Soul this year!

The Art extravaganza (classes, classes and more classes with some of the very best artists out in our world) will take place in Hampton , VA and I will be attending on the 5th and 6th. I will be taking classes with collage artist, AnnBaldwin and jewelry artist Susan Lenart-Kazmer.

After reading some of my friends blogs, I realize that when one attends one of these festivals, the custom is to have items of art to trade. This custom had it's beginings with Artist Trading Cards. I have been having some fun making some pins with left over bits and pieces and I have decided that I will continue to do this so I will have a nice little pile to take with me! I will probably also make some fabric postcards and ATC's.

Here are some of my latest pins.

These were made from collaged cut pieces of painted paper towel. I say "cut" specifically because I usually tear everything that I fuse or collage. For this project I decided to break my own rules- OOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, and cut pieces with SCISSORS!!! I used matte medium to fuse the pieces on freezer paper and then added bits of text from some old chinese text books, for contrast- (No idea what it says!) These pins were also backed with watercolor paper and finished as described in my previous post. Then I signed the backs, punched holes and added danglies.


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Elizabeth, I enjoyed perusing your blog and just love your pins!! Have fun at A&S!

Carla said...

Hi Elizabeth, I enjoyed viewing your blogging projects. You mentioned having lived in Oklahoma. Would that have been Stillwater and did you belong to the Little Sisters Book Club? I got here from a Suz group about your tortured felt project. Sounds like something to give a try. The flowers speak to me.
Carla H.

Elizabeth said...

Carla- can't get to your e-mail, but in answer to your question, I did live in Stillwater, and I was in Little Sisters book club for about a year! I have just learned that the store has been sold!!! it seems like we left Stillwater eons ago and it has only been one year! Metro D.C is a very different world!! Glad that you like my blog! Come on by anytime!!!

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the pins and how lucky are you, I love Anne and Susans work. Have a great time

Carla said...

The world is still small when it comes to knowing someone far away! I had not heard that Scrapbook Sister's has sold!! I need to pop on over to their website and see if it is posted. For some reason, their newsletters do not come through to me. I miss the Book Club and our little Enid Club folded after new owner. I still get to Stillwater once a month. Most of my creativeness is going towards my daughter's furniture and accessory business. You can PM me at
How fun to connect and how happy I am to see your creations. Talented children also!!!


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