Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Clock Swap

The fabric Design group that I belong to held several Fiber Charm Swaps recently. Inevitably the discussion came around to what everyone was going to do with their charms. One gal suggested creating a clock using 4 fiber charms as the 4 main numbers, or use fiber charms for all of the numbers. For some reason this idea appealed to me, so I bit and signed on. I really need to cut down on swaps but it is very cool to recieve glorious artwork in the mail!! The inspiration and ideas that the swaps generate is invaluable, as well. This was a one on one swap. I would make a clock for my partner and my partner would make one for me. Well, it took me forever to decide on a scheme and a technique. With the deadline looming, I settled on Fabric Fusion Paper as a background with charms for the 4 major numbers.

I fused (Glued) dressmakers pattern tissue to muslin and then added painted paper towel and punched paper flowers over the top. The whole thing was then coated with 5-6 layers of finishing medium. I used silver colored beads for the digits between the 12-3-6-9. The major numbers were made from left over pieces of the fiber collage that I used for my original charms.

I hope taht my partner likes it! it was alot of fun to create and I will have to think about doing another one so I can keep track of time in my Art Space!! Time flies when you are having fun!!!

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