Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flower Girls

I have begun to create some larger Art Dolls (larger than the 6 inch ones shown in previous posts) and I have decided to call them Flower Girls. I made these two dolls specifically for a dear friend and her daughter who recently lost a good friend in the shootings at Virginia Tech. My dear friend, the mother, got a doll with her 4 year old face on it. Her daughter, who I don't really know was given a doll with a stamped face and hopefully, a very happy and cheerful costume. This special doll also pays tribute to her friend who was killed as I added personal charms and tokens to symbolize the friendship that the two girls shared.
These dolls ended up being approximately 10 inches long and about 8 inches wide measuring from wing tip to wing tip.
The face for this little lady was printed on fabric after the photo was scanned into the computer. Her purple outfit is silk with ribbons beading and charms added by hand.

Below are pictures of each doll with details from the back.

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