Saturday, June 2, 2007

Etsy Store Up and Listing!!!!!!

Elizajean is finally open on Etsy and features wonderful artwork by Elizabeth (Eliza) and Jean (Jean). Jean is my mother , Jean Smith. She is a fiber artist working primarily with wool. She is a hand spinner, and weaver and she dyes her own fibers. She creates wonderful purses and bags from the handwoven wool and knits fabulous hats, scarves, mittens and vests.
Eliza ( me) will be featuring whatever she feels like producing, so you never know what you will find there from me!! Therefore you are all required to check in often as most of my pieces are one of a kind and will not be made in duplicates. I get bored easily!!!!

I have two new lines of items that I am introducing. The first are my Green Goddess ArT Dolls. They are green because they are made completely from recycled and found objects, bits of old jewelry and altered items; game pieces , books, aluminum cans old typwriter parts and handmade papers and hand painted fabric.
The body of this Green Goddess is a game piece form a childs matching game that I have painted and embellished. Her head is a painted vintage Electrical capacitor, her legs are rolled pages of Chinese text tied with silk thread and her arms , hands, feet and headpiece are all bits of costme jewelry. She is about 8 inches long and will hand nicely in any narrow spot or sit nicely propped up on a shelf.
The second line are my Trashy Tweeters. These are birdie Art Dolls that are again created entirely of found objects.
This little sweeties body is a bottle top of some sort, her wings are cut from a soda can ( then filed so there are no sharp edges) her legs are vintage electrical resistors and her head is a picture from a vintage bird book. She is only about 3 inches long and about 3.5 inches wide.
I have covered the major construction areas on the back of her with some of my hand made paper.
I will be making jewelry (many of the dolls will be Pin Dolls), and I will be listing some of my hand carved rubberstamps as well. i am very excited about this new adventure and hope that you will all swing by to take a peek!!!
Here are several of my pin dolls that are currently listed on

This Pin Doll is my current favorite, in fact, it is kind of hard to give her up!! I found this tin top as you see it, in the parking lot of a local bookstore! She is about 4 inches long and has a pin back attatched to add instant PIZZAZZ to any outfit!

I have backed "Little Miss Hottie" with some of my handmade fusion paper.

This is another Pin Doll that ws created from a leftover piece of mint tin cover. Her wings are from a childs barrette and her head is a painted vintage Electrical capacitor.

All of the above creations are currently listed on This should be quite and adventure and i would love any feedback that anyone would be willing to pass along!!!

On the left hand side of my Blog at the very top you will see a link to Elizajean so you can always get to the shop from here!!

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