Friday, July 13, 2007

Art Treasures in my Mailbox!!

One of the wonderful joys of belonging to internet art groups is the daily trip to the mailbox!! Lately I have been receiving wonderful little "just because" surprises or "thanks for the inspiration " gifts!
Recently, I posted some of my Daylily photos on my Surface Design group web site. I knew that many of my friends there love to garden and they and others are very inspired by our wonderful natural world. I was so very honored to read in the messages that several gals wanted to start an art swap based on and inspired by my photos!!!1 How cool is that???!!!! The girls decided to title the swap, Garden Glories and that the swap would entail constructing little 6x6 inch art quilts. The gal who came up with it all was Paula. She is a watercolour artist as well as a fiber artist and she made a quilt for me in thanks for providing the inspiration!!
Paula painted the lily on watercolour paper and then stitched it onto the fabric background.

Little dragonfly and butterfly charms dangle from the orange ribbons and give wonderful movement to the piece.

What a treasure and what a kindness from a wonderful art friend!!

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