Thursday, July 5, 2007

From Beads to Beautiful Bracelets!!

I am so excited about these bracelets for several reasons. The first reason is that I have actually created a finished product from a component that I have just recently created! This does not happen around here very often!! the second reason for my excitement is that the feedback that i have gotten from family and a dear art friend has been so very positive!!!

The first piece taht I will show you has been created especially for an Art Friend who is about to celelbrate her 10 year Cancer Free Anniversary!!! We are all so excited for her and her family!

The goal was to achieve Pink without being too plain. I wanted to make it hip and Jazzy and unusual!! The pink tube beads with the turquoise ends are the beads that I made and spoke of in the previous post. The other beads have been in my stash for who knows how long, and are all glass.

The next piece is made for my friend Mo, in OK. She is undergoing Chemo for breast cancer right now. The chemo has slaamed hr quite hard but she is hanging in there. So many of my wonderfula rt friends from all over the world are sending her little art surprises to brighten her days. I am sure that she feels the love and the big enveloping warm hugs that we are sending her to support her on this perilous journey. I am so very grateful to have such wonderful friends who would do something like this for aa Art Sister that they don't even know!!!

Here is the bracelet for Mo!!

Mo loves hearts and the colors yellow and red along with pink, so I put them all together and came up with this very happy piece. I really hope that it makes her happy!! It is a double cord design with the cord going thru one of the large tube beads on the far left side. I created all of the cylindrical beads in this piece!

I have also put together several pieces to sell.

This piece I call English Garden , due to the color combo. The purple stone beads are Tourmaline and the whitish stones are Brazilian Opal.
This piece is also part of the English Garden collection. There is so much textrue in each of the beads , that is very hard to capture with the camera. The large beads were created from fabric paper that was made by layering tissue paper, painted paper towels and lace onto muslin. The white weblike patern is the lace. The green round beads are Adventurine, the clear green beads are Green Tourmalines and the clear purple is a Purple Tournmaline.
These beads were made by layering in gold foil to the blue paper with purple ribbons. These are combined with more Purple Tourmalines and then hand made glass beads from my stash.
These beads are some of my favorites! Maybe because the paper that I used for them is /was soooo ugly!! i love making a silk purse out of a sow's ear!!!! I have added large Turquoise nuggetts and some unusual glass beads to highlight the hand made beads!! i might just call the pieces made from this paper my "Ugly" Collection- maybe not!!

These beads were made using paint scrapped paper in coppers, reds and greens. I added in Malachite and Tiger Eye beads with some deep amber glass to highlight the colors. The beads with the gold swirlas are Austrian glass.
I have several Home Shows coming up in several months and I have a feeling that I can probably sell quite a few of these. Some might find their way to my Etsy store as well.
For now, I have to get back to getting ready for company!!!!


MargaretR said...

These are really lovely Elizabeth. Congratulations and best wishes to your art friend for her cancer free 10th Anniversary. That is something well worth celebrating.

Joanna van said...

Elizabeth, these are really great! You should be proud of these. Love them!

Dotti said...

I so liked the picture of your paper beads I developed an excuse to rush to town and buy that issue of CPS!

Here's a little hint, Aleene's tacky glue is good when heat treated while still wet. It forms unique textures when it bubbles and cools. It will then accept acrylics, paint sticks, etc.

Dotti Cullen


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