Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Big Chunky Beads!!!

I have been consumed by bead creation for the past couple of days. I should be readying the house for company and folding laundry, but I couln't stop making these beads!! It was worse than eating ones favorite potato chips, I couldn't make just one!!!! i kept coming up with new color combos and diferent papers to use and metallic threads to add!!!
Most of these were created using scraps of paint scrapped watercolour papers. Some were made with fabric paper.
These were made using fusion papers that I backed with stiff watercolour paper. I am planning to use all of these beads to create jewelry and as embellishments on the binding of books and journals.

As all of these beads are covered with multiple coats of UTEE (resin), it is hard to figure out that they are created from paper. They look and feel like Lampwork glass or pottery, with none of the weight! They are such fabulous fun to make and no one is like another!!!

Ain't ART GRAND!!!


MargaretR said...

Art is wonderful Elizbeth. And your beads are wonderful too. Making beads is very addictive VBG

Arty Lady's blog said...

Elizabeth, you are very creative and extremely good at it. I really like all your work, and your beads are superb.


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