Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Trashy Tweeters" or "Wing Dings"?

That is the question. What to call these whimsical assemblage Birdie Dolls????
This fellow was made for a friend for a personal art swap. Patti created a glorious little Fabric page for me, with a bird theme, and this is my part of the deal!

I have been working extremely hard to dismantle an old typwriter to get at all of the parts. I have strongly resisted the urge to cut it up with tin snips, as all of the parts are precious. I am finding it quite a difficult task!! You never know when you might see part of this typewriter used as bird legs, amoung other appendages!!

The body is the crushed bottom of a soda can and the wings are cut from an Arizona Green Tea can- I just love the floral motif.

There are several more of these Wing Dings in the creative pipe line and I plan to have them posted for sale at soon!

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Debbi B said...

Hi Elizabeth - I just followed the link from SurfaceDesign. Your blog is great - lots of pictures, great art, interesting words!! I love your Wing Dings and I think that is the perfect name for them!! I'll be checking back...


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