Thursday, June 21, 2007

Colors of my Garden

After totally refurbishing a long ignored yard and garden last year, (we moved into this house and yard a year ago last March) our efforts have been rewarded. The yard was very sterile and really only had squared off azaleas for decorative plantings. I am not a fan of azaleas especially those that have been shaped!! There are no straight lines in nature!! i guess the previous owners didn't get the memo!!!!
My pansies are still hanging in there and are providing a wonderful filler for my B-E-A-Utiful daylillies. All of the daylillies were chosen to be rebloomers and many are quite fragrant. Most of these daylillies were purchasted from Gilbert and Sons mail order. i couldn't be happier with the blooms that are greeting me each day.
So here is the show!

We have had some pretty warm weather- heat index at around 100-102 and these pansies just keep right on chugging! Got to love 'em!

This beauty is called Joylene Nicole. Each blossom is 5 1/2 inches across and she blooms her fool head off. She is a beautiful pink/ Salmon with pie crust edges. One of my very favorites!!!

I am not sure of the name of this one , she is not as large as Joylene but she is tall and dances high above the garden like huge purple butterflies.

This one is a beautiful clear yellow and beautifully fragrant!

This one couldnot be a more intense red!

Joylene again!

A study in complementary colors!

Some Whirly Gig Nastursiums that seem to enjoy the shady back yard! I just love the deep red against thegreen and white speckled foliage!!

I do so love to be in the garden, it really refreshes and restores my soul. I hope that you have enjoyed my pictures. Get out there and get some dirt under your fingernails!!!


Alis said...

I love to garden too. It is so lovely to get in amongst the flowers. Your day lilies are just gorgeous.
Great photos.

Michelle said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing your garden - the flowers are beautiful! Are you nasturtiums hardy? I've only grown them in containers ... might have to try them in the ground! Michelle

Scrappy Cat said...

What gorgeous flowers Elizabeth - but then, I would expect nothing less! I especially love the red daylily.

MargaretR said...

What a feast Elizabeth.
please tell me what is that blue at the back of your study in complementary colours? Very intriguing.

Faye Dianne said...

Elizabeth, Your flowers are lovely, I have some day lillies as well but haven't seen them look like those. Thanks for the bunch of flowers... great photos.
cheers - Faye

easyjourney said...

Your garden is so lovely! Beautiful flowers! What natural inspiration. I can almost smell the aroma. TFS Astrid


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