Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cancer Comfort Doll Complete!

I made the fabric for this doll from the scraps generated from making the doll blnks that I sent to my friend Mo. i sprinked all of the scraps, threads and some ric-rac and trims all over an 8x8 square of cotton. I pined a piece of fine white tulle over the whole thing and then stitched all over the top of it all repeatedly. Then I cut out the doll shape turned her inside out and embellished her. Her face is made from plymer clay. The leave vine trim (one of my favorite finds) is silk trim from France. She is backed with a scrap of pink Dupioni silk.

I am going to send her off to Mo, so she can hand them out to women patients at her next Dr.'s visit. i was able to make three more dolls out of the same pice of scraps fabric and they all have different faces. You will see them here soon.

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girl_gone_thread_wild said...

This doll is so very sweet, I know its recipient will love it! I've just returned incoming relatives back to austin, TX (lol) so back to creating I go too, putting together a fun pkg for Mo. Thanks for swapping links! xo, Monica


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