Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sing Your Own Song!!

Well, I have decided to be brave enought o make my own bird heads instead of using illustrations from old books! I'm not sure what was holding me back from taking this step. Something about not trusting myself and not being willing to take a chance and not wanting to create something that would not turn out. There are all kinds of traps out there to fall into. Why is trusting oneslf so difficult!! This assemblage is called Sing your Own Song.

This Assemblage is called Listen to Your Heart.

I am on my way to Etsy to post these two assemblages, right now! Wish me luck!

i would also like to ask a favor of one of you, my wonderful Blogging Buddies. Could someone wander by my Etsy site, ,and leave me some feedback at the site (if you have someting positive to say, of Course!!) It is NOT necessary to make a purchase in order to leave feedback but I think that it might help me to make a sale if potentail customers see positive feedback!! Thanks a million!!


Laura Krasinski said...

I just love these birds....

Michelle said...

These are wonderful!

Janine said...

These birdies are divine!

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

These captured my interest immediately -- right after the banner!


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