Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Garden Fairies Everywhere!!

Garden fairies are turning up all over the house, in all sorts of stages of "doneness", or should I say "un-doneness"! I have a deadline of November 13 to get these babies to agallery in Reston, VA for their Christmas sale. They have asked for 30 of them. Friends who have spotted themwant me to have them at the Sales that I will be participating in on December 8th and 9th. Perhaps once I get the first 30 done, I can take a small break to create something else.
I have just discovered that if you click on the pictures you will get a larger image of the photo in a different window, then to get back to the blah, blah, blah of my blog you need only to click on the x in the top right corner! COOL!!!!!
Needless to say there are other things that I am working on. I must have other things going on if I am to successfully avoid the laundry folding and the vacuming and the dusting, right?????
The other day The GRACE Gallery in Reston, VA called. They were here visiting my blog and they were looking at my bird dolls, specifically "Sing Your Own Song". The manager asked if they could have some for the Gallery!! I am so jazzed that they came to me! I did not submit the bird dolls for consideration as they are so "one of a kind" and based on found objects- I was not sure how they would deal with that. But Erica, the gallery gal, wants as many as I can make- I told her between 5-8. So I have these little birdies to whip up as well!!!


Dianne said...

Your garden fairies are adorable!!!!

~*~Patty said...

You must be on Cloud 9 Elizabeth!!! What a well deserved honor for you!! You go girl! To answer your question on my blog (www.bitze.wordpress.com)about headers. Wordpress has lots of presentation options to choose from. Some of them include headers that can be customised with a download of your choosing. Surely blogger has something similar. Not sure why I didn't notice it in Wordpress sooner. It's a huge learning curve for me. Again BIG yeah on being asked to show your work in a gallery! ~*~ Patty


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