Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ms Fushcia Rose

Meet Ms. Fushcia Rose. She was born on Monday, October 9. She was created in honor of all Breast Cancer Survivors and patients everywhere and she is part of a Think Pink Art Challenge She will be given to a Survivor or patient by the end of this month!

Her body is made from a piece of fabric that I painted ages ago. It is many colors but has a good deal of dark fushcia on it. I wanted her to be pink but all different shades of pink!! She turned out to be quite colorful and joyful, I think !!

Her face is made of polymer clay and her hair is from a Coopworth fleece that I purchased at a Fiber Festival. It came in the most amazing colors- more about this later!

The little joyful heart is made of pink felt and beaded. The streamers emerging from the heart end with the sentiments of Laughter, Dreams, Believe and Love. Her limbs are a bit spider like but at least she knows how to sit!!!

In this picture you can see the hand painted fabric used for her body. The stamp that I embossed on her back says, "Find the seed at the bootom of your heart and bring forth a flower." i think that i will be making several more dolls similar to Ms. Fushcia but no one will be exactly the same!

I hope that Ms Fushcia will bring joy and hope to one of my sisters, wherever she may be. Breast cancer will touch all women's lives in some way at some time. Get your mammograms, do self tests and share your hearts and you art with those who need our help!


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