Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do You Ever Feel Like.......

a puppy chasing it's own tail??? Lately, I feel like I have been spinning in circles happily playing in my art space, moving from one project to the next and getting nothing done!!!!!! I get a new idea, get all charged up about it with more ideas than my mind can handle and I go charging off to start it. Meanwhile, I have various other things going in all sorts of degrees of "Doneness" and now new things started!!! ARGH!!! I just need to lock myself in, take in no new stimuli and finish what I have started! There must be (please!!!) others of you out there who suffer from the same sort of artistic frenzy??? If not maybe i need some medical intervention- JUST KIDDING!!
It is raining here today and after I return from my Reading tutoring duties, I plan to hide away and finish up several things- I'll post again soon!!


Alis said...

Well if you need help so do I!! LOL
Yes I definitely suffer in the same way. Makes life interesting don't you think ;0)

Scrappy Cat said...

Yes, I have LOTS of projects started. A few months back, I was looking for a piece of fabric, and I tore my sewing room apart looking for it. I found WAY too many projects I'd "forgotten" about - and so I decided to finish some of them before our Guild's sale (which was this past weekend). I did finish several projects, but I still have TONS more! And I never did find that piece of fabric I was looking for!!


Julie said...

Count me in! I have stuff everywhere, backgrounds painted, fabric paper half made, ATCs started, you name it! I think it's just part of the creative mind!


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